LMT Onsrud Wins Again with Polaris Compression

Polaris Compression Wins Another IWF Challengers Award for LMT Onsrud

LMT Onsrud LP was named the winner of the International Woodworking Fair’s (IWF) Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award ® for its Polaris Compression solid carbide routing tool at the semi-annual fair in Atlanta last week. 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the award, and the Polaris tool is Onsrud’s third offering to be named a winner.


The Challengers Award recognizes outstanding companies who have developed innovative technologies in products, services, or manufacturing techniques that will advance the woodworking industry.

The Polaris was named one of twenty Challengers Award finalists in May of this year, and was then required to perform a product demonstration to be overseen by a panel of ten highly esteemed judges from the woodworking industry. It was upon completion of its demonstration that Onsrud was selected as a winner.

LMT Onsrud’s Director of Product Development, Paul Jakala, was on hand at the Georgia World Congress Center to receive the award. “Winning a Challengers Award is the ultimate goal in product development and engineering within the woodworking industry. It’s an honor to win for the Polaris and I’m extremely proud of our research & development and engineering teams. Our entire staff put a lot of effort into developing the Polaris and it’s extremely rewarding to see them recognized like this. The evolution of the Polaris speaks to the strength of our entire organization. We started on this product a few years ago based directly on customer feedback. So many users of compression spirals came to us looking for better tool life and specifically looking to reduce heat at the cutting edge. We put our teams to work developing innovations to keep the tool cooler during the cutting process. At Onsrud, we pride ourselves on helping our users solve problems at the spindle and the Polaris is a prime example of that,” Jakala said.

Polaris solid carbide compression spirals are 2-flute tools and are available in a variety of diameters and lengths of cut. For more information on the Polaris, visit www.onsrud.com/Polaris.

About LMT Onsrud LP
LMT Onsrud LP is a part of the LMT Tools Group. The LMT TOOLS Group encompasses the manufacturing companies of LMT BELIN (France), LMT FETTE (Germany), LMT KIENINGER (Germany) and LMT ONSRUD (USA), including an internationally operating sales organization.

With more than 1,100 employees and a network of specialized partners, LMT TOOLS offers its customers a comprehensive range of tools and tooling services for the most diverse cutting and non-cutting applications. LMT products are used by customers within the aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, and general machining industries, and help users maximize productivity, efficiency and performance.

For more information, visit www.onsrud.com.