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Grieve’s Model No. 837 is a 1450 Degrees Fahrenheit Electric Tempering Furnace

No. 837 is a 1450OF electrically-heated tempering furnace from Grieve, currently used for pre-heating prior to welding and various post-welding heat treatments, at a...
Fastems, flexible

Flexible Goes Adaptive In New FMS Systems from Fastems LLC

Fastems LLC, manufacturer of automation equipment and software, is launching a new generation of flexible manufacturing systems engineered to fulfill manufacturers’ growing needs to...
Mitsui Seiki, Vertex100X

Mitsui Seiki Launches New Vertex 100 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

Mitsui Seiki’s new Vertex 100 5-axis vertical machining center is engineered to fulfill manufacturers’ demands for a compact, high-speed machine capable of high-precision milling...

Collaborative Learning

RAMTEC Career center in Ohio is home to the largest, most comprehensive robotics education center in the U.S. In order to increase the number of skilled manufacturing employees to meet future market needs, the school is now training students ranging from middle school to industry professionals with collaborative robots from Universal Robots.

Industry Updates

Digitalization At Every Step For Today’s Machine Tool Builders

Today’s machine tool builder has read many articles and technical papers about the emerging concept of digitalization.  Here are three ways OEM engineering and...

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