OnRobot’s RG6 Dual Gripper Delivers Machine Tending Productivity Boost, Cost Savings At Metalworking SME

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The Science of Diffusion Bonding or Joining together Dissimilar Metals

Metal diffusion bonding is an essential joining method for achieving a high-purity interface when two similar metals require superior structural integrity.  The process involves applying high temperature, and pressure to metals mated together in a hot press causes the...

Industry Updates

Platinum Tooling President Celebrates Four Generations and 100 Years in Metal...

In a world where machine shops are struggling to stay open and maintain their business and in a day when “going into dad’s business”...

Trim-Lok, Inc. Announces Major Midwest Expansion

To better serve Trim-Lok’s existing customer base and support the growth that they have experienced during their 50 years in business, including over 6...






Discovering New Opportunities

More than 1,500 attendees from across North America attended Mazak Corporation's DISCOVER 2021 event, as the company premiered its new SYNCREX Series of Swiss-style...


Recovery Continues Across the Manufacturing Sector

Orders of new manufacturing technology totaled $590 million in September 2021, according to the latest U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders Report published by AMT –...

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Torsional vibration challenges with rotating machinery, troubleshooting

Developing a digital twin of rotating machines requires a clear understanding of the rotor dynamics and the various types of measurement techniques used to...

Safety & maintenance

Human-Centered Design Drives Latest Generation of High-Performance HMIs

For decades, operators in manufacturing facilities have relied on Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for a visual overview of their process systems to monitor critical...

CNC Machining: Problem Solving Spindle Repair Shops Boost the Bottom Line

With CNC machine tool spindles essential to any drilling, milling, boring, grinding, routing, cutting, or sawing process, many manufacturers and machine shops rely on...

5 Benefits of Video Management Software for Manufactures

The operation of any manufacturing facility can be complex regardless of the industry and geographical location. Fortunately, for companies that want to maintain a...

Enhanced Transparency at the Digital Enterprise

Siemens new Manage MyMachines, is one of the MindApps within the rapidly emerging Mindsphere concept.  This cloud-based “platform as a service” enables the full...

Industrial Safety: Supplying Headlamps as Critical PPE in Hazardous Environments

Industrial plants have a duty to protect employees by providing a safe work environment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for the job. However,...
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The Perfect Part – Digital part production helps machine builders understand how each change to part design impacts the larger manufacturing process.This is achieved...

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IMD December 2021

December is often a month of reflection. With the new year ahead of us, it only makes sense to look back at the year that we have had. For most, 2021 has been a continuous year of recovery. While the impacts of the pandemic are...

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IMDQ Quarter 3 – 2021

How the Combination of Artificial Intelligence and IoT Makes the Smart Factory a Reality. Autonomous Machine Vision Systems for Manufacturers of All Sizes. Responding to the Demand for Automation. Oil Removal in Machining Operations

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IMD June 2021

As machinists, fabricators, and other manufacturing professionals continue to return to work, Industrial Machinery Digest’s Annual Supplier’s Directory is this year’s go-to source for the top product and service providers in the industry.