Product News

Fixtureworks Clamp “Locators” for Quick Change Applications Provide Fastening Without a Tool.

Fixtureworks® (Fraser, MI), a leading North American manufacturer and supplier of clamps, fixturing accessories, machine tool components and rollers & bumpers, now offers quick change flex clamping “locators.” Designed for quick change applications, these flex clamping locators locate and...

Industry Updates

Philadelphia High School Establishes Advanced Manufacturing Program

Mastercam, the world’s #1 CAM software, and Andrew Crowe, influential manufacturing leader and speaker to the White House and Pentagon, recently presented Benjamin Franklin...

One Million Robots Work in Car Industry Worldwide – New Record

The automotive industry has the largest number of robots working in factories around the world: Operational stock hit a new record of about one...








Robots-as-a-Service in the Warehouse. Want PEAK with that?

As a teenager growing up building lake houses and piers, I never thought about robots but they certainly would have been useful. I had...

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Fatigue and cyclic load testing for heavy equipment

With machines running in some of the harshest environments in the world, heavy equipment is arguably the most demanding type of vehicle to design...

Safety & maintenance

Preventing Workplace Injuries in Load Handling

Lifting injuries are a common occurrence in logistics and load handling, where workers are required to move heavy loads throughout their workday. These injuries...

Press Brakes Hidden Danger Zone

When a local supplier of pre-cut and formed steel and aluminum materials accepted a request from a customer to form a few pieces of...

Seven Practical Steps to Build a Culture of Safety and Human Reliability

A technician spills a toxic chemical. She isn’t injured, but easily could have been. The Hazmat cleanup costs over $10,000 and shuts down a...

Major Safety Issues for the Metalworking and Machining Industry

Noise and distractions from machines. Welding fumes and chemical emissions. Heavy materials to lift and move. The potential hazards related to the metalworking and...

What Makes a Hydraulic Fluid Environmentally Friendly?

Ever since companies began developing alternatives to traditional lubricants and greases, there has been some confusion surrounding the terms “environmentally friendly” and “food grade.”...
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Modern business applications require a modern approach to delivery. Not only have applications matured in recent years, but the expectations of the businesses implementing...

Current Issue

IMD March 2023

Amp Up Packaging Productivity with Robots. Talking Shop with: Dr. Daniel Engels — Consultant, Professor, CTO, Cybersecurity & IoT Expert. Don’t MES with SCADA or MOM will be Upset! Maximizing Automation Benefits through Software. Forecasting CHIPS for Chips. Advantages of Automated Warehouse Conveyor Systems. Digitalization — Next Stops On Your Journey. Robots-as-a-Service in the Warehouse. Want PEAK with that? Preventing Workplace Injuries in Load Handling.

Current Quarterly

IMDQ Quarter 4 – 2022

Special Purpose Machine Manufacturer Invests in Renishaw Alignment System to Expand Its Capabilities. Emerson Bearing Company of Boston Shares Tips on How to Prevent Costly Breakdowns and Extend V-Belt Life & Efficiency. Ovention® Upgrades Drives on Fast Cooking Oven Lines. The High Price of Misusing Low-Cost Collaborative Robots. Going Beyond the Basics to Ensure Quality.

Current Suppliers Guide

IMD June 2022

Over 1,700 companies in 400 categories in IMD's annual industrial buyers-suppliers guide. With a 12-month shelf-life, and distribution at more than 28 Trade Shows, Industrial Machinery Digest’s Annual Suppliers Guide reaches decision-makers and EDA-verified buyers throughout dozens of industry sectors worldwide.