Cut Your ERP Implementation Time in Half: With Supply Chain Pre-Configuration

Modern business applications require a modern approach to delivery. Not only have applications matured in recent years, but the expectations of the businesses implementing them have also evolved.

In the past, business applications like ERP could take years to deploy, disrupting team productivity and business operations. Their scope and deep functionality presented such a complex set of processes that it was nearly impossible to deliver the outcomes desired without turning on all capabilities. Those legacy ERP systems might last 10 to 15 years or more, their complexity escalating with add-ons, modifications, and ancillary systems, often supported by large numbers of Excel spreadsheets or disconnected databases.

These past experiences with lengthy and disruptive ERP deployments and perceived security risks have caused some manufacturers to resist adopting modern cloud ERP technology. As supply chain challenges bring urgency to making timely, insightful decisions and performing diligent material requirements planning (MRP) to meet demand, manufacturers are becoming more open to the possibilities that these modern solutions enable.

When Equipment Manufacturers do decide to deploy a modern, cloud ERP or CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365, they want to reap the transformational benefits of the technology as soon as possible. At the same time, they hope to avoid the disruption, budget and schedule overruns, risk, and uncertainty of poorly planned deployment projects.

To streamline Dynamics 365 deployments and ensure the right outcomes, Sikich has developed the HEADSTART SM approach to help Equipment and Engineer-to-Order Manufacturers cut their implementation time in half.

In this eBook you will learn how:

  • Pre-configuration accelerates your system deployment
  • Exploiting industry commonalities helps companies gain momentum
  • HEADSTART is preconfigured to meet the needs of Project-based Manufacturers
  • Sikich keeps HEADSTART current

No matter if you are a business leader looking to modernize your technology or a Professional Advisor helping clients find the best partner, discover how HEADSTART could give you a critical edge.

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