New Ergonomic Package for Custom Sky Hook LIfting Devices

Sky Hook is excited to announce the all-new Ergonomic Package available for custom Sky Hook lifting devices.  Customizing Sky Hooks helps adapt the jobs to fit the people who perform them.  Lifting injury prevention starts here.

For 50 years, Sky Hook has focused on increasing the manual lifting ability of operators, preventing dangerous lifting injuries and increasing operational efficiency.  With the increased industry focus on ergonomics over the past decade, the design team at Sky Hook has been working hand-in-hand with their customers to develop custom Sky Hooks to best fit those custom applications.  The push for ergonomic lifting solutions is driven by the companies who are diligently searching for them.  The Sky Hook’s ability to be customized to meet those exact needs make it the obvious choice to prevent lifting related injuries.

Focused on bringing human abilities and limitations into the design of the Sky Hook lifting device, the new Ergonomic Package includes elements which take into consideration operator biomechanics, anthropometry and required skill level.  The features of this modification package are designed to improve not only how much force is required to operate the Sky Hook, but also how the user understands and interacts with the device.  An ergonomic product should make sense to the person using it.  As much as possible it should fit the user’s natural movements, limiting strain on joints and muscles.  The Sky Hook lifting device, equipped with the Ergonomic Package, is a huge step in that direction.

Contact the team at Sky Hook today to create your ergonomic Sky Hook lifting solution from one of their fixed or mobile base model products.  You can check out their entire standard product line in more detail at  For custom applications just fill out and send in the Custom Sky Hook Application Sheet found on the site.

About ATTCO, Inc. DBA Syclone ATTCO Service

Manufacturing safe, high-quality, inexpensive lifting devices is what Syclone Products has been doing for over 40 years. Sky Hook industrial lifting devices have been manufactured in the USA by the family-owned and operated business for over three generations. Their founder, Edwin (Chris) Christensen came up with the original Sky Hook when he saw a need for a safe lifting device in the machining industry. Spring of 2000 brought about the merger of their two businesses, Syclone Products and ATTCO, to create ATTCO, Inc. DBA Syclone ATTCO Service. Today, Sky Hook industrial lifting devices are used to provide safe, inexpensive, manual lifting for hundreds of applications world-wide. In fact, the Washington State Department of Labor now recommends Sky Hook products as a way to provide safe, ergonomic lifting solutions.

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