Introducing the Sky Hook: Not a Jib, Not a Crane, but a New Class of Lifter

In the realm of lifting solutions, there has been a common perception that one needs to rely on traditional means such as jibs or cranes. However, let’s dismiss any notions of wild goose chases and introduce a pioneering lifting solution: the Sky Hook. As an innovative product, it stands very real, solid, and quite possibly, presents itself as the optimal lifting solution for a majority of lightweight lifting applications.

Contrary to its compact size and relatively lesser cost and capacity, the Sky Hook proves to be a formidable tool. It has the ability to effortlessly handle heavy loads which are commonly associated with hazardous lifting injuries, thereby setting new standards in safety measures. This humble tool makes light work of seemingly hefty tasks, proving that size isn’t always directly proportional to effectiveness.

Every workplace, whether it’s a bustling shop or a rugged job site, frequently encounters the issue of lifting materials, parts, and tooling that fall well outside the safe lifting capacity of an operator. Addressing this issue has seen the emergence of an entire industry, which, while providing multiple solutions, often overlooks niche requirements in material handling applications.

A primary area that seems to have been dismissed too quickly is the operator’s need to lift loads that surpass their personal lifting capacity. This often falls into a grey area, somewhere between what an individual can manage and the extreme capacity of a multi-ton overhead or jib crane. The Sky Hook elegantly fills this gap, enabling the operator to carry out tasks such as moving a 150 lb. tooling from a storage shelf onto a CNC mill table without risking an injury.

Traditional lifting tools like overhead and jib cranes pose their own set of challenges. Their high costs, complex installation requirements, and mandatory certified personnel for operation often make them less than ideal for many settings. The Sky Hook addresses these concerns while providing the required lifting capacity for most day-to-day operations.

For half a century, Syclone ATTCO Service has committed itself to the creation of an enhanced lifting product, one that fits snugly into the demanding landscape of the ergonomic material handling industry. Their initial product, launched in 1969, was the Sky Hook. In the heart of the manual machine shop industry, this tool quickly garnered attention, becoming an essential choice for lathe and mill operators requiring a safe method to handle heavy chucks and tooling.

This family-run enterprise has witnessed an evolutionary journey. Over the past decades, Syclone ATTCO has consistently adapted and refined its product based on customer feedback and emerging needs. This relentless pursuit of excellence has resulted in an all-inclusive, application-driven lifting solution that effectively bridges the gap between operator limitations and large industrial lifting equipment.

The Sky Hook distinguishes itself by offering a superior lifting solution. Its defining features are its mobility, compactness, light weight, and independence from an external power source. Despite costing a fraction of its larger counterparts, it is perfect for executing simple, single-operator lifts of awkward, hard-to-reach loads up to 500 lbs.

The Sky Hook’s design is a marvel in itself. From its sturdy base to its versatile boom, every aspect is specifically crafted to enable the precision handling of loads within a wide range of 50-500 lbs. Even the lightest model, weighing just 26 lbs., can be easily relocated across a work site while retaining the capacity to lift loads equivalent to four to five people.

However, don’t let the Sky Hook’s small stature deceive you. It is a tool of surprising versatility, capable of handling a wide variety of lifting tasks. Recognizing the varied needs of different settings, Syclone ATTCO Service has developed an array of models. These include devices that bolt to the floor, mount to a table, navigate narrow aisles, slide under equipment, or feature counterweighted bases to reach over and into machine cabinets. The company has adopted a customer-focused approach, demonstrating a commitment to provide unique solutions for each of their clients. They have the ability to design and build custom models based on specific requirements, ensuring that every customer receives a lifting solution perfectly tailored to their needs.

Standing at the height of an average person, the Sky Hook is designed to operate right where the user is. This thoughtful feature significantly mitigates the risk of dangerous and costly back injuries. The Sky Hook not only prevents lifting-related injuries but also becomes a valuable asset in saving time and money. Mark Spencer, a satisfied client from the Spencer Corporation, testifies to this, exclaiming how the Sky Hook has exceeded expectations and become an indispensable tool in their daily operations.

The Sky Hook product line offers a breadth of choices to meet various application requirements. It is available in both Chain and Cable models, and you can opt for either our Premium LoadLock clutch brake system or the simpler Economy Friction Brake. Each of these models offer specific advantages to the user. Premium Models boast upgraded casters and our unique LoadLock clutch brake for easy operation. Economy Models, on the other hand, feature a friction brake mechanism for secure load holding, offering a cost-effective yet reliable option.

Manufactured entirely in the USA, the Sky Hook is an embodiment of quality, safety-focused design and a long-standing history of success. Over the past 50 years, it has proven its worth across nearly every industry. As a family-owned and operated company, Syclone ATTCO Service maintains a close relationship with their customers, working with them to provide solutions tailored to their exact needs.

The Sky Hook is a testament to the fact that revolutionary solutions often come in simple packages. Its user-friendly design, coupled with the outstanding support and customization offered by Syclone ATTCO Service, makes it an unparalleled solution in the realm of lifting devices. If you are in search of a versatile, reliable, and cost-effective lifting solution, your search ends with the Sky Hook. Get in touch with Syclone ATTCO Service today to secure your precision Sky Hook lifting solution!