MaxQ Solid Carbide End Mill Series Released from LMT Onsrud

MaxQ Solid Carbide End Mill Series – Maximum Speed. Maximum Removal Rate

LMT Onsrud LP has announced an all-new line of solid carbide end mills, the MaxQ series. The new ‘MaxQ’ product line features significant innovation in the cutting geometry that results in maximum material removal, maximum tool life and minimal edge wear for end users cutting a variety of materials.


The MaxQ line will be available in both four and five flute configurations that are designed to meet the needs of machinists within the aerospace, job shops and general machining environments.

“Whenever we speak to machinists, they are always looking for more flexibility and versatility for their machining operations,” explains Scott Feimster, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for LMT Onsrud LP. “With the MaxQ end mills, we provide tools that are capable of slotting, heavy profile milling, semi- finishing and finishing. When an end user choses MaxQ, we want them to be confident that success is a given, no matter what the job demands of their tooling.”

In addition, the MaxQ series has been designed to maximize the capacities of their milling machines. “The geometry of these tools is quite different,” Feimster continues, “For years we have seen the CNC machining centers continue to advance. MaxQ will allow an end user to capitalize on these advancements with increased productivity and tool life.

The most exciting aspect of this line is the versatility. Many machinists use a broad range of machining techniques, from classic milling to high speed machining. MaxQ is successful in all techniques.”

Onsrud has the new MaxQ Series end mills available from stock.

About LMT Onsrud LP
LMT Onsrud LP is a part of the LMT Tools Group. The LMT TOOLS Group encompasses the manufacturing companies of LMT BELIN (France), LMT FETTE (Germany), LMT KIENINGER (Germany) and LMT ONSRUD (USA), including an international sales organization. With more than 1,100 employees and a network of specialized partners, LMT TOOLS offers its customers a comprehensive range of tools and tooling services for the most diverse cutting applications.  LMT products are used by customers within the aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, woodworking and general machining industries and provides users maximize productivity, efficiency and performance.

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