Suhner Introduces Robot Solutions for Fully-Automated Manufacturing

New, quick tool change solutions allow robot-based drilling, grinding, filing, cutting and deburring without time delays

Suhner Industrial Products, Rome, Georgia, now offers robot solutions for fully-automated manufacturing. The tool system offers a number of powerful machine tools that can be mounted directly on the robot arm and ready for continuous use.

The Suhner power-pack robot machine tools are compatible with all robot manufacturers, making them versatile for demanding high-performance applications. This allows operations that were previously not suitable for automation, to now be automated. In short, Suhner’s line of robot tools are multiplying the capability of the robot.

Tools are available for brushing, polishing, filing, belt sanding or tool spindles and are easily integrated.

Applications for the new robot tools range from automotive manufacturing to deburring operations, stainless steel machining to drilling and tapping operations and all areas of manufacturing and operations.

About Suhner

Suhner is the flexible manufacturer of industrial special tools and special components. We help the professional industrial paver to optimize process costs.

In the ABRASIVE, MACHINING, TRANSMISSION and STAMPING business units we have a global presence and offer leading know-how for specific applications and process improvements. The development, production and distribution of our high-quality products are completely in our own hands.

For your abrasives production, we are offering special tools for an optimized processing and refinement of industrial surfaces. In the machining production, we are multiplying the capacity of your production with CNC tool holders and machining units. We are offering the unique transmission and punching components which make our tools so reliable in our transmission and stamping divisions in customized configured series of components and assemblies. We are networking the strengths of our four divisions in your interest for your application.

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