AM70 Carbide Grade from Sandvik Hyperion

New AM70 Carbide Grade for Titanium Applications

Sandvik Hyperion’s
new carbide grade AM70 is an advanced substrate developed to increase machining productivity and performance in Titanium and ISO M Materials.


The new grade is comprised of a combination of sub-micron carbide grains that provide the perfect mix of toughness and wear resistance.

AM70 is ideal for Aerospace, Medical and Power Generation applications where titanium alloy materials are used.


Example of specific industry applications:

  • AEROSPACE: Aircraft Turbines and Compressor Components.
  • ENERGY: Gas Turbine Components (synergies with Aerospace technology)
  • MEDICAL: Bio-Medical Implants.

Milling tests performed on Titanium delivered a tool life increase of 25% or more. Test results showed superior cutting edge integrity of AM70 tools. Additional tests have also shown excellent performance in roughing and finishing milling applications involving ISO M and Titanium materials.

Sandvik Hyperion
Sandvik Hyperion is a global solution provider of effective applications for hard and super-hard materials, which include cemented carbide, diamond and cubic boron nitride.

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