Alfra Presents New TMH66 Versatile Safety Tool FABTECH


New Alfra HandLifter TMH66

The new Alfra TMH66 HandLifter is the single most versatile safety tool you will buy this year. This newly patented Magnetic Technology allows for the greatest safety, with hundreds of uses around the shop in all phases of your work


Alfra is proud to announce the ultimate safety tool that will absolutely eliminate some of the most common employee injuries in the metalworking industry—Hand and Finger Injuries!
It’s really quite simple, if you Never Touch hot, sharp, heavy, dangerous pieces of steel, if you never have to struggle to pull parts off of the burn or cut table, you will never cut or crush fingers again!

The New Alfra TMH66 is the lightest weight, most powerful Hand Lifting Magnet ever produced.  Easily capable of lifting the full OSHA Approved load with up a 10X factor of safety!

This incredible new HandLifter is built in Germany, and the technology was developed and patented in Denver, CO.  Maglogix Invented the world’s first Multi-Pole Switchable Magnet featuring:

  • Exceptional holding force on the thinnest metals
  • Incredible holding fore with limited contact and airgaps
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact
  • Very easy and safe one-handed operation
  • Able to weld very close with arc deflection
  • Hardened steel base
  • TiN coated for exceptional life
  • Versatile enough to have a hundred uses around any shop!

This new technology is now available in a family of tools to make everything you do in metalworking Safer, Faster and Easier.  Turn two man jobs into One Man Jobs!

See the new family of Alfra / Maglogix Magnetic products in the Alfra Booth N2906.

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