Preben Hansen, President of Platinum Tooling

Platinum Tooling is a machine tool accessory importer serving the North American market. They are the exclusive importer of precision live tools, angle heads, and multi spindle tools manufactured by Heimatec GmbH, as well as collets and guide bushings for Swiss machines manufactured by Tecnicrafts Industries. In addition, Platinum Tooling offers spindle speed increasers for machining centers from Henninger and cleaners and markers from AMF.

“I started the business nine years ago with our partners in Germany, Heimatec GmbH,” says Preben Hansen, president of Platinum Tooling, “and have now taken over operations as Platinum Tooling. For many years our concentration was strictly Heimatec. Beginning in 2016, we added Tecnicrafts and AMF to our offering followed by Henninger in 2017.” Along the way, Platinum Tooling has taken on several additional machine tool accessory lines to help round out their business. In addition, they have greatly increased their live tool and angle head inventory in their Prospect Heights, IL facility in an effort to reduce lead times.

The range of applications for their tooling is extensive. Platinum Tooling supply many manufacturers in the automotive and aerospace market as well as the medical market for the manufacture of surgical instruments and implants. “Our products have been used in the making of jewelry, drones, firearms, and even a satellite going to Mars,” says Hansen. “We offer the widest selection, highest performance, and most durable tools in the market…not to mention outstanding customer service.”

For 2019, Platinum Tooling has new technology in the works that will build sensors into the live tools to allow them to communicate with the machine’s control or other monitoring station. The sensor can relay important data such as rotational speed, temperature, and moisture level that will help to optimize performance and minimize downtime.

“In many cases, by the time the customer comes to us, they have identified the problem but don’t quite know how to overcome it,” says Hansen. “This is where my knowledge and 30-plus years of experience comes in to play.”

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