Learn how to make the most of your Uniburr. By using it properly, you’ll get the most out of your tool.

1. Safety First The Uniburr already raises the bar when it comes to safely putting an external chamfer on metal. Still always wear gloves and eye protection.

2. Always Forward Running the tool on reverse will fold over the cutting edges and effectively destroying the tool. This same principle holds true with any drill bit or hand file. Using the tool on reverse voids the warranty, so be mindful of the direction on your power tool.

3. Speed Kills Only run the Uniburr on low speed (0-600 RPMs). Running the tool on high speed will temper the work piece making it harder for the Uniburr to shear and ultimately dulling the tool sooner than necessary.

4. Minimal Cutting By only removing the necessary amount of material, you keep the tool sharper for longer and get that much more use from it. Add lubricant such as cutting oil to improve the lifespan even further!