The all-new software suite allows waterjet users to work more effectively in 3D, with less complexity.

FlowXpert 2015 is the world’s first fully integrated 3D modeling and waterjet pathing software package. The CAD/CAM software platform expands on the 2D FlowMaster® Intelligent Software Suite. With FlowXpert, you can import, create, modify and path 3D geometry all in one single program.

Powered by SpaceClaim, the platform offers advanced 3D modeling tools for an integrated CAD/CAM pathing experience. The software integration was engineered in partnership with FlowXpertSpaceClaim and takes full advantage of Flow’s 40 years of waterjet application expertise. Users get faster, smarter, interactive modeling integrated into a familiar interface. Incorporating Flow best practices — such as waterjet application tips, material cut speed knowledge, improved pathing algorithms, and expanded lead in/out customization — the program estimates what steps are needed to create and cut the best part.

FlowXpert’s intuitive interface for 3D and 2D modeling is not limited to waterjet programming. Design solid models to be used on any other machine tool or CAD system.

Key Features of FlowXpert 2015 include:

• Model and path error detections with fixes
• Waterjet specific geometry analysis
• Expanded lead in/out catalogue, or create your own custom settings
• Greater automation from smart pathing, powered by Flow application expertise
• Program directly from the native model without converting file types
• Fast, versatile sheet metal processing from SpaceClaim
• Preview the path before taking the part to the water jet
• Modify the geometry without losing the path
• Advanced clean up tools customized to your waterjet

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