Rockford Systems, LLC

Rockford Systems

Q: How would you describe your company’s primary business?

A: Rockford Systems helps organizations interpret and apply complex Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) machine safety standards. We provide Safety Life-Cycle Management, including onsite risk assessments, onsite machine surveys, customized engineered solutions, over 10,000 guarding and safety products, installation and integration services, technical and in-field support, and ongoing compliance validation.

Q: In brief, what is the history of your company?

A: Rockford Systems was founded in 1971 in Rockford, Illinois in response to help manufacturers and machine shop owners that needed OSHA guidance and tools.

Q: How has your company changed through the years?

A: In the late 70s, Rockford Systems expanded to full and part revolution punch presses, hydraulic presses and press brakes. We later added solutions for turning machines such as grinding machines, milling machines, drill press machines, and engine lathes. Today Rockford Systems provides Turnkey Machine Safety Solutions ranging from education and training, to risk and machine safeguarding assessments, to customized design-engineered solutions, to installation and post-sale support.

Q: What have been some interesting applications of your products?

A: Our original motto of “You Name It, We Can Safeguard It” still continues today.

Q: What critical issues do your clients rarely know they have or might encounter?
A: There is a misconception that older machines are “grandfathered-in” since they were manufactured before safety standards and regulations existed. In order to be in compliance today, all machines must meet minimum OSHA regulations.

Q: What do you want to see in the future for the industry?

A: According to OSHA, nearly 18,000 machinery operators suffer non-fatal injuries and 800 operators die each year in the United States. With industry’s support, those injuries and fatalities can be virtually eliminated by implementing safeguarding solutions and providing stronger employee education, with a positive ROI.

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