Renegade Parts Washers

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Q: How would you describe your company’s primary business?
A: The Renegade Product Lines of Parts Washer Equipment and Parts Washer Detergents is manufactured and sold by Service Line, Inc. in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Founded in 1996, the product lineup includes the standard Renegade automatic top load and front load parts washing systems, manual parts washers, and the Renegade Industrial Series of automatic top load and front load aqueous part washing systems, rotary parts washers, immersion parts washers, and pass-through parts washers, all available with value-added configurations that consider the operating costs of the entire cleaning production cycle, including advanced automation, product handling, worker safety, and environmental impact.

There are a wide range of industrial applications for Renegade Parts Washers and Detergents, including: Automobile Repair Facilities, Automotive Fleet, Aviation and Aircraft Parts, Bicycle Repair, Fabrication Parts Cleaning, Heavy Repair, Industrial Parts Cleaning, Large Casting CNC Machining Facilities, Machine Shops, Production Cleaning, Production Engine Shops, Production Machining Facilities, Remanufacturing Facilities, Screw Machine, Small Engine Repair, Transit, Transmission Machine Shops, and Transportation Production Centers.

Renegade Detergent, Soaps and Additives developed for parts washer systems are the solvent-free, high performance cleaning solution with additional health benefits.
Renegade Parts Washers and Detergents, along with full metal fabrication services are manufactured in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, USA and are available in the U.S. and International markets.

Q: In brief, what is the history of your company?
A: Since 1996, Renegade Parts Washers mission is to provide quality solvent-free cleaning solutions for a variety of industrial applications. Since that time the need for general repair standard models has progressed to custom designed and engineered solutions based on customer requests.

Q: How has Renegade Parts Washers changed through the years?
A: Renegade Parts Washers continued to develop custom parts washers for industrial production process cleaning. Customers requested integration of unique fixture assemblies for operations that require higher throughput, or that needed clean spec requirements and higher quality standards. Renegade’s Industrial “I-Series” line of parts washers easily clean and dry complex multi-ported parts. Pass-Through Conveyor Wash Systems deliver high production cycles. The Renegade team works with the customer to analyze cleaning and operational requirements.

Q: What are your thoughts on Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
A: It is exciting to be part of the growth of manufacturing and automation in the U.S. Renegade Parts Washers systems automation features include a range programmable functionality and remote diagnostic access.

An emerging challenge is the amount of data that is generated by automation, and the accompanying cyber-security and storage issues.

Q: What successes has your company had since last year?
A: By listening to the customer, Renegade has introduced new parts washer models to their product line, including new Renegade I-Series Pass-Through Conveyor Wash, Rinse, Dry system; Renegade I-Series 2633 Front Load Wash, Rinse, Dry parts washer; Renegade I-Series Agitation Dip Tank parts washer; and the Renegade Dual Basket Tumbler Parts Washer.

Q: What do you want to see in the future for the industry?
A: For Renegade Parts Washers, continued growth in the need for custom parts cleaning systems that address unique customer requirements, and advanced automation that will drive operational benefits.

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