VBH 4 Roll CNC Parmigiani Plate Roll from Carell

The 4 Roll Advanced Technology Plate Roll with “Stradivari” 3D-CAD Graphics CNC controls includes “Facile” & “Field Bus” digital and optical communication making VBH 4 Roll plate rolls the most responsive machines available.

VBH 4 Roll CNC Parmigiani Plate Roll 10′ x 1/2″ capacity machine includes induction hardened and polished rolls, “Stradivari” 3D CAD Graphics CNC controls, predisposition for dual lateral and one overhead material supports. Top rolls include rapid disconnect couplings for use of optional interchangeable top roll with smaller diameter. Top roll to pinch roll speed synchronization is all-digital. Electrics and electronics employ “Facile” & “Field Bus” systems use fiber optic communication. Components connect via military grade plug & play socket connectors. The Parmigiani CNC system senses the end stroke points and instantaneously reduces the pressure to zero as it arrives at its stroke limit or programmed target point in an automated cycle. The roll movement response is phenomenally fast & smooth. The system designed provides quiet energy saving electric motor load reduction.  All VBH rolls have on board graphic diagnostic that indicate the functionality of signals to every machine component.

Easily upgrade any machine equipped with the “FAST” CNC control to the top of the line “Stradivari” 3D CAD CNC by plug & play installation.  Over 100 models of VBH machines are standard from 3′ to 14′ long and custom lengths. Machines are available with thickness capacities up to 6″. Experience the “New Era” of plate roll technology with the partnership of Carell Corporation & Parmigiani. The TBH 3 Roll Double Pinch and PCO Translating Geometry Plate Rolls incorporate all of the advantages of the VBH 4 Roll machines.  Always keep ahead of production with Parmigiani Roll Bending Technology.

About Carell Corporation

Carell was founded to fill a need for tough, dependable plate rolls, angle rolls, pipe benders, horizontal presses and various other benders. Carell provides the broadest range of bending machines, options and tooling to match any budget and application. Our expanded machine shop can satisfy the growing demand for custom tooling of any complexity. All machines are inspected and tested at least twice to ensure maximum quality control before shipping to their customers. Their dedicated Application Engineers bring a higher level of expertise to bear your needs.

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