Trumpf TruFiber P fiber laser – Bright Line Mode

High-tech company TRUMPF has developed a versatile range of fiber lasers for e-mobility applications, the new TruFiber P with BrightLine Mode option, available with up to 6kW of power and high beam quality. Electric drive manufacturers benefit from BrightLine Mode’s new beam shaping technology which enables the fiber laser to weld copper without spatter and makes it well-suited for welding the copper hairpins of electric motors. With a single mode core fiber diameter of 25 micrometers, and ring diameter of 100 micrometers, the BrightLine Mode fiber laser creates a very stable keyhole during welding, reduces/eliminates spatter, and results in major cost savings for manufacturers through a lower number of rejected drive assemblies. The laser also welds mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum quickly, reliably and without spatter, producing excellent weld quality, and can be used with TRUMPF optics, programmable focusing optics, vision packages, sensor platform, and workstations.


TRUMPF is a high-tech company offering manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools and laser technology. The company drives digital connectivity in the manufacturing through consulting, platform products and software. The company is a technology and market leader in highly versatile machine tools for sheet metal processing and in the field of industrial lasers. In 2021/22, the company employed approximately 16,500 people and generated sales of about 4.2 billion euros. With more than 80 subsidiaries, the TRUMPF Group is represented in nearly every European country as well as in North America, South America, and Asia. The company has production facilities in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, the United States, Mexico, and China.

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