Murata Machinery USA Celebrates 50 Years of Automation in North America

Murata Machinery USA Celebrates 50 Years of Automation in North America

Murata Machinery USA (Muratec), a leading manufacturer of game-changing industrial automation, celebrates its 50th anniversary across North America. Various activities are planned throughout 2024 to commemorate Muratec’s golden year.

Operating as a subsidiary of Kyoto, Japan-based Murata Machinery Ltd., Murata Machinery USA provides sales, service, and support for the Muratec brand in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as overseas in Ireland. Muratec has a rich history of innovation and leadership in North America, revolutionizing the automation landscape with groundbreaking solutions that are often the first of their kind, the only ones available, or the world’s fastest.

“Murata Machinery USA has been a beacon of excellence, driving industrial innovation and achieving continental success,” said Toshiyuki Komori, President and CEO, Murata Machinery USA. “Unwavering in our commitment, we aim to propel the Muratec brand of end-to-end automation to new heights across North America, helping customers maintain their competitive edge with automation.”

In May 1974, Murata Machinery Ltd. established Murata of America, Inc. in Charlotte, NC, initially focusing on textile machinery. In October 1989, it acquired the Wiedemann Division from the Warner & Swasey Company, creating Murata Wiedemann, Inc. The unified brand “Muratec” was introduced in October 1991. By June 2002, the company consolidated its U.S. subsidiaries, Murata of America, Inc. and Murata Wiedemann, Inc., into Murata Machinery USA, Inc. Throughout North America, Muratec expanded its automation portfolio to encompass material handling, machine tools, fabrication technology, and cleanroom automation solutions, showcasing a broadened range of offerings.

Historic Innovation Across Four Divisions

For over five decades, Muratec’s breakthroughs have marked many turning points in automation, helping our customers enhance their competitive efficiencies across diverse industries. Some of these significant innovations in automation advances include:

Textiles: Muratec revolutionized textile manufacturing with Spinning, Winding, Twisting, and Texturizing Machines. This led to the invention of Air-Jet Spinning, which utilized high-pressure air to enhance the texture and bulkiness of yarns at higher production speeds. Other advancements supporting textile manufacturing included the Automatic Winder that seamlessly linked with Ring Spinning Machines. The game-changing VORTEX machine was introduced in 1997 and evolved into the VORTEX 870 in 2011, creating the world’s fastest spinning machine that eliminated Roving and Winding with over 6,000 units installed globally.

Logistics & Automation (L&A): In the 1990s, Muratec revolutionized North American Automotive Stamping with an integrated turnkey solution, effortlessly combining Die Handling, Blank Processing, Stamping Warehousing, and Transport Control. This streamlined processes and minimized waste by integrating Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), reshaping the automotive sector’s logistics and material handling approach. Muratec positioned itself as a key industry influencer of versatile automation systems covering high-rise warehouses, unmanned transporting systems, robotic automation, and cutting-edge factory automation.

Clean Factory Automation (CFA): As a cleanroom industry leader, Muratec invented cutting-edge floor and overhead transport systems (OHTs) to optimize fabrication processes, maximize space, and ensure product integrity with minimal vibration. These solutions set industry benchmarks that smoothly interfaced with customer Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and tools, establishing a new standard in boosting productivity, reliability, and operational excellence. Muratec is one of the world’s largest semiconductor clean room automated manufacturers.

Machine Tools Division (MTD): In 1980, Muratec revolutionized CNC machining with the MW25, the inaugural twin-spindle automated chucker lathe that seamlessly integrated automation with an industry-first gantry loader. Then, in 1994, Muratec set a new industry standard by inventing the world’s first electric servo motor CNC turret punch press. The MOTORUM 2000 was known for its eco-friendly design, low noise, and highly productive hydraulic oil-less operation, inspiring numerous imitations and knockoffs. Muratec’s machine tools, spanning turning, sheet metal fabrication, and automated handling systems combine high speed and precision through cutting-edge control technology.

In 2024, Muratec will mark 50 years of automation innovation with initiatives. In September, new innovative machinery will be introduced along with ten (10) cutting-edge machine demonstrations at the 2024 International Manufacturing Technology Show, Sept. 9-14, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Booth 338844.

Discover Muratec’s diverse range of automation solutions engineered for use across various industries by exploring its newly revamped website at 

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