An Exclusive Dive into Rootstock Software’s Vision and Impact

In an era where the manufacturing landscape is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements and shifting global dynamics, companies are seeking solutions that not only streamline operations but also provide the agility to adapt to change. Rootstock Software emerges as a beacon in this transformative period, offering a Manufacturing Cloud ERP solution that is not just a tool, but a catalyst for growth and innovation. Built on the robust Salesforce Platform, Rootstock Software is designed to propel manufacturers into the future, enabling them to scale operations, meet emerging customer needs, and navigate the challenges of a post-pandemic world with unparalleled efficiency and visibility. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the core of Rootstock Software’s mission, exploring how it empowers manufacturers worldwide and the visionary approach that makes it a leader in the ERP industry.

Talking Shop with: Stu Johnson — Vice President of Product Marketing at Rootstock Software

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and Rootstock Software?

I’m Stu Johnson, Vice President of Product Marketing at Rootstock Software, with a 35-year career mostly in enterprise software, from CAD/CAM, PDM, MES, and now ERP. Rootstock is a cloud-first ERP solution specifically designed for manufacturing, built on the Salesforce platform. This gives us access to a vast ecosystem and allows manufacturers to easily build out their IT stack with a plug-and-play approach.

With so many ERP systems out there, how does Rootstock differentiate itself?

The key differentiator for Rootstock is our focus on manufacturing. Our ERP is built on what I like to call a manufacturing operating system. Unlike other ERPs that need to configure manufacturing processes, Rootstock integrates these processes natively. Our system intertwines inventory management, work orders, and supply chain processes seamlessly, making everything from order placement to costing automatic.

You mentioned a new winter release focused on financials. Can you elaborate on its importance?

Our winter release significantly enhances the financial management capabilities within our ERP. It addresses a critical balance manufacturers must achieve between demand, production capacity, and the uncertainties of the supply chain, all pivoting around financials. This balance is vital for maintaining profitability, and our latest updates aim to boost the productivity of financial teams and improve their quality of life.

Why is the financial aspect increasingly crucial for manufacturers today?

Cash flow and cost management are paramount in manufacturing. Inventory represents a significant cost, and managing it efficiently can significantly impact profitability. Our ERP provides visibility into financials, allowing businesses to make informed decisions rapidly. This real-time data is essential for small manufacturers who need to scale without losing sight of their financial health.

How is the AI revolution impacting manufacturing, and how is Rootstock preparing for it?

The manufacturing industry is traditionally cautious about adopting new technologies, but AI is starting to make its mark. Our focus has been on preparing our data platform for AI, recognizing that predictive AI and the insights it can provide are becoming invaluable. Interestingly, our survey showed that manufacturers are not afraid AI will take jobs; instead, they see AI as a tool to enhance productivity and improve job satisfaction by taking over undesirable tasks.

In the context of AI and manufacturing, what trends are you observing?

There’s a significant shift towards investing in AI, with many manufacturers planning to increase their AI investments by double digits. This is partly driven by the ongoing labor shortage in the industry. AI is seen not as a job threat but as a solution to improve productivity and address tasks that humans prefer not to do. The industry is moving towards a more sophisticated use of AI to augment human work and enhance efficiency.

Rootstock Software: Empowering Modern Manufacturing with Cloud ERP

Rootstock Software stands at the forefront of manufacturing innovation, offering a Cloud ERP solution that propels manufacturers into the future. In the rapidly evolving post-pandemic landscape, Rootstock equips businesses with the tools necessary to scale, adapt, and succeed amidst constant change. Built natively on the Salesforce Platform, Rootstock Software delivers unparalleled agility and comprehensive visibility, enabling manufacturers to meet customer demands, overcome challenges, and drive accelerated growth.

A Global Force in Discrete Manufacturing

Since its inception in 2008, Rootstock Software has cemented its status as a global powerhouse, serving an expansive customer base across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Available exclusively through the Salesforce AppExchange, Rootstock caters to a diverse range of discrete manufacturing companies. From burgeoning small businesses to large multinational corporations, Rootstock’s scalable solutions support manufacturers at every stage of growth.

Unifying Teams with Advanced ERP Solutions

Rootstock’s Manufacturing ERP solutions are designed for the modern manufacturing landscape, offering real-time management capabilities for manufacturing and supply chain operations. With Rootstock, teams can effortlessly manage multiple sites and outsourced services, all while maintaining centralized visibility across global operations. The platform’s unified data model ensures cohesive communication across the enterprise, providing critical insights at every business juncture.

Configurable, Scalable, and Adaptable

Rootstock’s agile platform, coupled with its extensive partner ecosystem, offers unmatched flexibility to address evolving business needs. The ERP system integrates seamlessly with native Salesforce sales and accounting apps, as well as third-party solutions from Workday, Avalara, and Bringg/Zenkraft, facilitating out-of-the-box connectivity and collaboration. Rootstock’s partner network, composed of seasoned manufacturing and technology experts, further enhances implementation and technological capabilities.

Recognized Excellence in ERP Solutions

Rootstock Software has received numerous accolades for its innovative ERP platform, including being named a 2023 Leader in the ERP Software Value Matrix by Nucleus Research, winning the 2023 Best Cloud ERP award, and being recognized as the 2022 Most Promising Salesforce Solutions Provider. These awards underscore Rootstock’s commitment to delivering award-winning software platforms that meet the demanding requirements of modern manufacturers.

A Commitment to Customer Success

At the heart of Rootstock’s mission is a dedication to customer success and satisfaction. With a team boasting hundreds of years of combined experience in manufacturing partnerships, Rootstock prioritizes the growth, profitability, and customer experience of its clients. Through high-quality, personalized support, Rootstock Software ensures successful implementations and fosters long-term business partnerships.

Rootstock Software is not just a provider of ERP solutions; it is a visionary force driving the future of manufacturing. Rootstock empowers manufacturers to navigate the complexities of the modern world and achieve unprecedented growth and efficiency.