Cosen Saws V-1822

Cosen Saws V-1822 is a multifunctional vertical saw for double miter cutting. The saw bow can be manually rotated and locked in any angle up to 60 degrees in both directions. The saw bow has an adjustable cant up to 5 degrees to provide the best cut against different material shapes. Ideal for workshops and small-scale operations, this saw is easy to use and allows operators to control the entire cutting process manually. With its heavy-duty construction and compact footprint, the Cosen V-1822 delivers precise and consistent cuts, providing customers with a cost effective and dependable cutting solution.

Key Features:

– User-friendly interface for manual operation

– Heavy-duty construction for durability, reliability, and precision

– Rigid, compact footprint

– Precise and consistent cuts

– Quick Clamp and release movable and fixed vises

– Washdown Hose

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