Success Factor = Microfiltration in Modern Tool Manufacturing

Optimal treatment of metal coolants is the basis for the utmost quality and success.

The filtration metal coolants and lubricants has progressed in recent years , that is has become an important added value and success factor in tool manufacturing. The demands placed on modern tooling are steadily rising. The purity of the cooling lubricant during grinding is crucial for dimensional accuracy and surface quality of milled products. The filtration system manufacturer Vomat from Treuen/Germany supports grinding operations with sophisticated fine filtration technology which contributes to the overall process of producing the high quality tools economically.

When it comes to the filtration of metal coolants tool manufacturers should not compromise. Optimally cleaned cooling fluids play an important role in tool manufacturing, since chips, wheel-wear and other particles can interfere with the grinding process and can catastrophically throw off tight tolerances. Equally important is the constant temperature of the metal coolant fluid throughout the grinding process, since even small variations can alter the expansion of machine components and tool substrates negatively. This is especially crucial, when it comes to the manufacture of micro tools. Jan Froehlich production manager at Vomat states: “To ensure high production rates and quality levels and to fully capitalize on every potential for rationalization Vomat provides powerful filtration systems, which combine despite the compact design and small footprint all technical VOMAT benefits. With various add-on components Vomat can tailor individual filtration systems or large plant-wide systems, which can be easily configured and integrated into any given production process.”

VomatVomat systems operate as full flow filtration systems, which means they separate dirty and clean oil to 100 percent. In this way the user always grinds only with pure, clean coolant. In order to keep the filters clean, Vomat technology back washes the filters on demand. The degree of contamination it is determined for each filter element. When the filter contamination reaches a critical value the plc –controller initiates the backwash automatically. The remaining filter elements ensure that during the backwash cycle a continuous supply of clean oil with purity of 3-5 microns is available. This fully automatic control and regulation of the filter cleanliness keeps energy and operating costs low.

In addition, Vomat technology controls coolant temperature accurately in the range of ± 0.2 K. Special concepts allow for materials recovery and recycling. In the case of carbide sludge only five to eight percent of residual oil will remain in the holding tank of the recycling company which then can be disposed cost effective for later reprocessing.

Jan Froehlich remarks: “Modern grinding technology can only function if all parameters in the complete grinding process collaborate 100 percent. The correct cooling lubrication strategy and an optimally adapted filtration system are key mosaics and play a key role to grind highest quality cost-effective tools.”

The correct cooling lubrication strategy and a filtration concept optimally adapted to the process play decisive key roles to achieve the highest tool quality at reasonable costs .

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