Starrett Introduces High Productivity TENNAX™-PROBi-Metal Band Saw Blades for Structural Cutting

The L.S. Starrett Co., a leading global manufacturer of saw blades, precision measuring tools and gages, metrology systems and more, has announced the introduction of TENNAX™-PRO Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades designed to cut challenging tubes, pipes, profiles and structural shapes in both single pieces and bundles. Providing lower noise and vibration as well as improved cutting performance, TENNAX™-PRO blades outlast and outperform competitive blades, making up to 25% more cuts per blade.

Starrett TENNAX™-PRO Band Saw Blades feature high-speed M-42 steel teeth with a new special tooth geometry/ profile that optimizes the tip profile for tube, pipe and other structural cuts, dissipating stress during cutting for greater resistance to wear and tooth breakage. In addition, TENNAX™-PRO band saw blades are designed with an exclusive tooth-setting process which minimizes pinching when cutting structural and bundled materials.

“We are excited to introduce TENNAX™-PRO, the next generation of Starrett Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades,” said Charlie Starrett, Product Manager, Saws and Hand Tools, The L.S. Starrett Co. “Specifically designed to cut structural materials, TENNAX™-PRO blades offer a higher level of productivity and extended blade life in difficult cutting processes, increasing your saw operation’s efficiency.”

TENNAX™-PRO blades are ideal for cutting a wide range of materials including carbon steel, carbon steel alloys, stainless steel, and non-ferrous materials. In addition to pipes, tubes, structural and bundled materials, TENNAX™-PRO applications include small solids. The blades are available in widths of 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 2″, and 2 5/8″, and can be used with manually operated, gravitational, and hydraulic machinery, making them a versatile and adaptable choice for a variety of applications.

TENNAX™-PRO Band Saw Blades replace the Versatix™ MP line.

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As the “World’s Largest Saw Blade Manufacturer”, Starrett offers a wide range of saw products including Bi-Metal band saw blades for cutting a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and Carbide Tipped, which are ideal for cutting extremely hard, abrasive materials. Band saw blades coated with Carbide Grit and Diamond Grit cut abrasive materials with precision, producing an excellent finish. A complete line of Carbon Band Saw Blades is also available for horizontal and vertical machines with manual or gravity feed. Other saw products include Hole Saws, Jig and Reciprocating Blades, Hacksaw Blades and Portable Band Saw Blades. The Starrett team of saw experts can help select the right saw blade, set up band saw machines, and help customers maximize their sawing operation.

About The L.S. Starrett Company

Founded in 1880 and headquartered in Athol, MA U.S.A., the company is a leading global manufacturer of precision measuring tools and gages, optical comparators and vision systems and force and hardness testing solutions. Starrett also manufactures laser measurement systems, custom engineered granite solutions, custom gaging, band saw blades, power tool accessory saw blades, workshop tools and jobsite tools. The Starrett brand is recognized throughout the world for exceptional quality and precision. Skilled personnel, superior products, manufacturing expertise, innovation and excellent service and support have earned Starrett its reputation as the “World’s Greatest Toolmakers”. Starrett has over 1,400 employees worldwide and annual sales exceeding $250 million. The company has five manufacturing locations in the U.S.A., including facilities in Massachusetts, Georgia, Ohio, Minnesota, and California. Starrett also has three international manufacturing facilities. Plants are located in Brazil, Scotland and China, in addition to distribution centers and offices located worldwide. The L.S. Starrett Company is publicly traded on the NYSE, symbol SCX.

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