South Bend Lathe Extends Line with New Gearhead Lathe

South Bend Lathe is Excited to Announce a New Heavy 10™ 10″ x 30″ Gearhead Lathe!

Through the years, no lathe has been as popular or iconic as a South Bend 10″ lathe. This new Heavy 10 is a modern variation of our classic South Bend legend – esteemed throughout the world for being always reliable and exceptionally accurate. Not to be outdone, the SB1007 is a gearhead lathe packed with features and refinements usually found only on much larger, more expensive machines.


With a 10-3/4″ swing and 30″ distance between centers, powered carriage and cross feeds, quick-change gearbox, all gear-head headstock, jog button, outboard spindle spider for gunsmithing, a D1-4 camlock spindle, precision German-made spindle bearings, and especially thick castings, this lathe is heavy enough to do a wide variety of jobs – yet light enough to be quick and responsive to the operator. Spindle speed is controlled via convenient headstock levers, offering an available range of 55-2200 RPM. A heavy-duty 3 HP Delta variable-frequency driver inverter ensures smooth, consistent torque at every speed from the 2 HP two speed 3-phase motor – without requiring a 3-phase power!

Remarkable Features:

  • 2 HP, 240V, two-speed, 3-phase motor that operates from a 240V single-phase power supply, using a heavy-duty 3 HP Delta VFD inverter to ensure smooth, consistent torque at every speed.
  • 10.75″ Swing over bed and 30″ distance between centers.
  • Hardened and ground South Bend signature three V-way bed.
  • Outboard spindle spider for gunsmithing.
  • Ultra-reliable quick-change gearbox.
  • D1-4 Camlock spindle with MT#5 taper, 1.358″ bore, and 8 speeds (55–2200 RPM).
  • Includes high-precision 3-jaw chuck, 4-way tool post, and MT#3 tailstock with 3.125″ barrel travel.

About South Bend Lathe Works
South Bend Lathe Works was founded in 1906 by the O’Brien twin brothers after they graduated from Purdue University in Indiana.

Within just a quarter of a century, South Bend Lathe Works became the largest manufacturer of precision metalworking lathes in the world with customers in more than 88 countries, and machines which were used in every type of industry including schools, home workshops and large manufacturers. A couple of very famous customers included Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Our largest customers are the US Navy and Army as well as many departments of our Government.

The passion which the O’Brien brothers had when they founded South Bend Lathes continues today and we are proud to boast that we have the largest selection of premium quality manual lathes in the world.

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