SKF Releases Heater Selection Tool

New SKF online heater selection tool makes the right pick among heater technologies to mount or dismount bearings

The new SKF online heater selection tool introduces an easy, convenient, and highly accessible resource to make the right pick among heater technologies for mounting or dismounting bearings and similar work pieces in an application.

heater selection, skfBased on a bearing’s designation or input of key parameters, the tool chooses the appropriate heater for a job from SKF’s comprehensive product range, including electric hot plate, induction heaters, and fixed induction heaters.  Suitable heaters are grouped into “mounting” and “dismounting” families for quick reference.

The practice of hot mounting and hot dismounting of bearings and work pieces historically has served to reduce the risk of damage to a bearing, shaft, or work piece and help increase bearing service life and machine reliability.  Ultimately, proper heater selection is critical for application success.

For standard bearings the online heater selection tool requires only an SKF bearing designation to determine the appropriate heater.  In the case of other bearings or annular components, the online tool can select a suitable heater after users simply enter parameters defining the application and specifying the dimensions and weight of the bearing or work piece.  Either way, the heater selection tool serves as a practical resource for use by customers or distributors anywhere and anytime.

The SKF online heater selection tool can be accessed at the following link:

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