Sinumerik Operate Innovative User Interface for Machine Tools


Siemens Industry, Inc. announced today the launch of Sinumerik®  Operate, the new and innovative user interface that integrates HMI-Advanced, ShopMill and ShopTurn in a single end-user interface for machine tools.  It contains new functions that facilitate the set-up and manufacture of complex workpieces.

sinumerik operate, siemensSinumerik Operate is used for the Sinumerik 828D and Sinumerik 840D sl computerized numerical controls (CNC).  It enables sequence and high-level language programming via a single interface to ensure fast NC programming and work preparation.  The clearly structured layout, with context-based functions and self-explanatory icons, facilitates intuitive handling for machine operators. Various kinematics are also easy to set-up, while integrated simulations and a large number of diverse workplace views also make it easy to check the programming immediately.  Sinumerik Operate also makes it possible to zoom into angled levels individually while a simulation is running.

When setting up a workpiece, the measurements are shown in an easy-to-understand fashion that uses animated elements for both switched and manual tool measurement features.  With the Cycle 800 “swivel cycle” users can manufacture even extremely complex workpieces with simple and fast handling.  Sinumerik Operate also provides users with access to an optimized tool and program management system.  The tool list makes all relevant data available in a clearly structured manner and also offers a configurable display.  Thanks to its use of context-based functions and self-explanatory icons, it is extremely user-friendly.

Sinumerik Operate enables users to easily use ShopMill and ShopTurn sequence programming to create a tailor-made programming solution for the manufacture of individual parts and small batch sizes.  Siemens programGuide combines G-code programming with cycle support.  This ensures a high degree of flexibility and short machining times that are suitable for medium- to large-batch sizes.

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