Share our passion for sheet metal: Join Bystronic at FABTECH 

Overcome your fabricating challenges with our end-to-end solutions.

During FABTECH, Bystronic will introduce three all-new fiber laser cutting systems, the 30kW ByCut Star, the 15kW ByCut Smart, and the 6kW ByCut Eco and in addition, a range of press brakes that take productivity to the next level including our popular Mobile Bending Cell will be exhibited. The new revolutionary Bystronic BySoft Suite software solution for achieving end-to-end operational excellence for sheet metal processing will be presented in the Bystronic Theatre. All this, and more, will be demonstrated at our Booth A1326.

With the new Bystronic BySoft Suite fabricators and manufacturers of all sizes can completely digitalize all aspects of their business from the quote to delivery. The capability to access data in one place and in real time allows users to adapt to ever-changing and unpredictable market challenges, and to make business decisions with more comprehensive and centralized data. Join us in the Software Theatre for a presentation of this new family of software products.

The ALL NEW ByCut Star 30kW represents high-precision Bystronic technology, a new machine design, reliable cutting process even at the highest laser outputs, an expanded range of production capabilities, and high throughput at a lower cost per part. Ongoing demonstrations feature the NEW ByCut Star with 30 kW fiber power and ByTrans Extended material handling automation.

The All NEW ByCut Smart 15kW with Smart features such as the Nozzle Control Tool (NCT) and KerfScan, Parameter Wizard, and cutting with MixGas. Higher laser powers from 3kW to 15kW, ensures higher cutting quality as well as increased productivity. The compact, automation-ready ByCut Smart will be demonstrated with ByTrans Modular/BySort material handling automation.

The ALL NEW ByCut Eco 6kW with industry-leading value and the quality and reliability of Bystronic engineering, offers you all the performance and speed you need to succeed in the sheet metal processing business at an economical price point. ByCut Eco makes its debut at FABTECH.
A range of Bystronic press brakes will be presented. Each model offers unique benefits.

ByBend Smart 160 is the new, faster, more flexible successor of the Xact Smart. New efficiency booster takes productivity speeds to the next level, and new sheet lifters allow for much more ergonomic working at the machine. ByBend Smart offers innovative bending technology and numerous new functions at an affordable price.

With the Xpert Pro 150, Bystronic presents a high-end press brake that sheet metal processing companies can adapt to their requirements on a modular basis. The three available models will appeal to a wide variety of users.

Bystronic took the next evolutionary step in the field of bending with the mobile automation module for the Xpert 40 press brake. The Mobile Bending Robot with Xpert 40 is a compact solution for automated as well as manual bending.

In addition to an extensive history in the manufacture of quality machine products with proven machine performance, Bystronic brings to the market a commitment to world class aftermarket customer service excellence. Stop by the Services kiosk to learn more.

Bystronic. Your best choice. FABTECH Chicago, Sept 11-14. Booth A1326

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