Scotchman Industries New LG Measuring Device For Scotchman 50 Ton Ironworkers Is A Better, More Precise Way To Measure Material Cuts

Slide & Measure – It’s that simple! Just clamp this LG Measuring Device to your Ironworker workstation bracket and it displays a digital measurement of any material slid underneath it. The LG device will maximize productivity with fast and precise measurements while eliminating inaccurate manual measurements.Now Scotchman Ironworker users can complete a cut list in a fraction of the time, plus it has blade kerf & angle compensation built-in! With quick setup, the LG device calibrates in seconds and cuts to precise measurements with your first cut to up to ± 0.029″. It can quickly be moved between the Angle Shear & Bar Shear workstations on the Scotchman Ironworker.The LG device provides multiple units of measurement on any flat material. It will measure using all major Metric & English units of length with output displayed on a large backlit LCD screen. Automatically adjusts its spring-loaded arm to measure a wide range of thicknesses on any flat material ensuring it can be tailored to each user’s needs.

Scotchman LG Measuring Kit comes with one Digital Length Gauge and mounting brackets for both the Angle Shear and Bar Shear:

On Bar Shear: Simply slide the raw material underneath the measuring wheel and up to the blade. Then, press the clear button to reset the tool and you’re ready to make your first cut. An accurate measurement of length will be displayed on the device as you push the material through the shear. Making more than one cut? Just clear the device after each cut, then continue pushing the material through to each desired length.

On Angle Shear: Slide raw material underneath the measuring wheel up to a closed blade, then calibrate the device by pressing the zero button. After re-opening the blade, advance the material through the angle shear to the desired length. This LG Measuring Device will automatically deduct the blade offset from the displayed measurement, showing the actual length that the sheared part will be.

Scotchman LG Measuring Device will display most units including:

  • Decimal Inch
  • Fractional Inch (1/16″)
  • Fractional Inch (1/32″)
  • Foot to Inch (Decimal)
  • Foot to Inch (Fractional)
  • Millimeters
  • Centimeters
  • Meters

Scotchman LG Measuring Kit Technical Specs:

Accuracy: ± 0.029″

Precision: ± 0.029″

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Scotchman LG Measuring Device video can be watched here:

2022 marked Scotchman Industries’ 55th year of manufacturing in America. The complete line of products includes: Hydraulic Ironworkers, Circular Cold Saws, Band Saws, Tube & Pipe Notcher/Grinders, Hydraulic Presses, Manual Measuring Systems and Programmable Feed & Stop Systems.
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