Rollomatic Introduces SmartMoma AGV with Mobile Robot and Nextage® Humanoid Robot at IMTS 2022

Rollomatic maintains its global leadership position in the field of cutting tool production and is proud to announce the launch of an Omron automatically guided vehicle with a robotic handling system and a Kawada humanoid robot. The design of these handling systems is in line with increasing demands in the area of “IIoT” and the “SmartFactory”.

The Omron mobile robot allows the automatic transportation of tool cassettes between different grinding machines and eventual delivery to post‐grinding stations, such as measuring, laser marking, cleaning, packaging, labeling and more.

The Kawada humanoid robot autonomously performs tasks such as cassette loading, pre‐grinding or post‐grinding tool inspection, laser marking, placing finished products into packaging tubes and affixing labels to the tubes.

Both the SmartMoma® and the Nextage® robots will be shown in working action during the IMTS 2022 in Chicago. The SmartMoma® will transport full and empty cassettes between the grinding machines and the post‐grinding station. The Nextage® humanoid robot will perform tasks such as tubing and labeling.

Smart Moma® Rollomatic Mobile Handling Solutions by Omron:

  • The SmartMoMa® handling system consists of an AGV (automatically guided vehicle) and a highly intelligent 6‐axis robotic arm that integrates specific gripping systems for complex handling.
  • This mobile robot is capable of self‐maneuvering autonomously in a production workshop.
  • Designed to bring higher autonomy to production machines, it enables loading and unloading of parts without human intervention.
  • Additionally, the automation of parts handling between different production operations such as measuring, marking, or packaging can be accomplished.
  • The SmartMoMa® mobile handling robot increases the autonomy of production machines while allowing operators to concentrate on tasks requiring more human skills with greater added value.

Rollomatic Introduces SmartMoma® AGV with Mobile Robot and Nextage® Humanoid Robot at IMTS 2022NEXTAGE® Humanoid Industrial Robot Solutions by Kawada:

  • This is a new type of industrial robot which, given its frame and size, can perform tasks in locations that are difficult for traditional robots to access. It can be installed with ease without the need to redesign production lines.
  • This highly efficient humanoid robot can easily be placed where a person usually operates and use its head and two arms, equipped with cameras, to take over any tedious, dangerous or repetitive tasks, allowing workers to focus on areas that require creativity and so generate greater added value.
  • Users can control and teach NEXTAGE® what to do with a visual and user‐friendly interface. It can be teamed up with conventional industrial robots or any other specialized equipment and can be considered a true working partner.
  • A stand‐alone cassette loading station is available utilizing the Kawada humanoid robot. This is a ready‐to‐go station that loads cutting tool blanks into Rollomatic cassettes from two different types of feeders — o V‐type feeder magazine and Vibratory bowl feeder.

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