REGO-FIX Aerospace and Defense Tooling Technology Will Take Off at WITS 2019

REGO-FIX will showcase several of its most innovative tooling technologies and accessories for today’s manufacturers, particularly for the aerospace and defense industries, at the Wichita Industrial Trade Show (WITS) 2019, which will be held October 22-24 at the Century II Expo Hall in Wichita, Kansas. In booth 803/805, show visitors will experience REGO-FIX’s secuRgrip technology, Xtended Length Toolholders and PG 32 collets for use with the company’s well-known powRgrip tooling system. These advanced tooling solutions allow shops to tackle any machining challenge, including heavy roughing in tough materials, high-speed aluminum machining, precision profiling and finishing of composite materials, hardened steel milling, and small-diameter precision drilling and reaming operations in any material.

For the ultimate in cutting tool security, secuRgrip combines powRgrip’s tremendous gripping strength with a patented locking-key system and threaded cap. These two additional levels of cutting tool security provide optimal results for special applications such as machining expensive castings or complex parts. The secuRgrip system has a T.I.R of 0.0001″ and enables manufacturers to preset tool heights.

REGO-FIX’s Xtended Length powRgrip toolholders come in lengths up to 14″ and in PG 10, PG 15 and PG 25 nose versions for machining applications that require a longer reach or present clearance challenges. The holders feature the company’s MICRO-FRICTION DAMPENING™ (MFD) technology, which ensure that the holders dissipate vibrations faster than standard long reach solutions. Dampening the vibrations faster means that the cutting tool, part and spindle will experience fewer vibrations, resulting in better surface finishes, longer tool life and reduced spindle wear.

In addition to extended-length holders, REGO-FIX will show WITS attendees special, large-size powRgrip PG 32 collets that provide extreme clamping capability and are especially well-suited for machining components made from Inconel and Titanium. The powRgrip system delivers a T.I.R. of <0.0001″ (3 m), along with precise length adjustment and repeatability of <0.0004″ (10 m).

The powRgrip system generates extremely high clamping forces equal to or higher than shrink-fit holders for safe, precise and cost-effective toolholding. The system relies on the interference between holder and collet to generate its clamping force. Unlike other clamping systems where heat or hydraulics are used to expand the material, powRgrip uses the mechanical properties of the holder material to generate tremendous gripping force. As a result, REGO-FIX guarantees the T.I.R. of a properly maintained powRgrip holder and collet will not exceed 0.0001″ and the impregnated surface treatment will not erode for five years or 20,000 cycles.


With U.S. headquarters in Whitestown, Indiana, REGO-FIX, inventor of the original ER collet system, is a world leader in the manufacture of Swiss precision tooling.

For more information on REGO-FIX, its products and services, or to request a catalog, please call 1.800.REGO-FIX or visit the company’s website at

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