Powerful, automated, and sustainable: new TRUMPF bending machine for large and high tonnage parts now available in North America

TruBend 8000 Series machines from TRUMPF bend oversize parts faster and more efficiently // Motor with on-demand drive achieves energy savings of up to 26 percent

High-tech company TRUMPF is bringing the latest generation of its TruBend 8000 Series to the North American market. With a 34-inch open height and a stroke of 27 inches, the TruBend 8000 bending machine offers a highly efficient way to bend very large parts, allowing workers to easily bend and remove workpieces that require a large box height. The press brake is available with numerous optional extras designed to facilitate the bending of heavy parts. These features include a bending aid that makes operators’ lives easier by automatically positioning the workpiece for bending. TruBend 8000 Series machines can also be equipped with a special tool clamp for high tonnage applications.

“The new TruBend 8000 Series is the perfect addition to our bending solution portfolio,” says TRUMPF Inc. product manager for standalone TruBend machines, Chris Wargo. “Whatever their bending application, companies can rely on TRUMPF to have the press brake technology they need.”

The best way to bend high-tensile steels

TrumpfStarting with a press force of 440 tons and going all the way to 1,100 tons, this new generation of machines is an efficient powerhouse that has no trouble processing long, thick pieces of sheet metal. The machine is also suitable for bending high-tensile materials such as Hardox or Weldox engineering steels. Station bending is another option available with the TruBend 8000. By moving workpieces from one station to the next, each equipped with different upper and lower tools, workers can tackle a range of parts and bending operations without having to change the machine setup for each operation. This makes the TruBend 8000 particularly suitable for companies that bend large parts in small batches, including fabricators in the vehicle manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and building-services sectors. This model is also a great choice for general-purpose work in job shops.

Software and sustainability

The TruBend 8000 Series comes with TRUMPF’s tried-and-tested Boost and TecZone Bend bending software for offline programming. The machine operator simply uploads a 2D or 3D model of their part into the program. Then, the software independently creates a 3D simulation including collision monitoring, which the operator can then adopt for the bending process, either in its entirety or with minor manual changes. TruBend 8000 machines are also designed to facilitate the trend toward greater sustainability in manufacturing. Users can choose to equip their machine with an on-demand drive, which automatically adjusts the motor’s revolution speed to the movement of the press beam. As well as limiting noise generation, this feature can also reduce energy consumption by up to 26 percent.

[alert-succuss]More information on the TruBend 8000 series press brakes can be found at TruBend Series 8000 | TRUMPF.[/alert-succuss]


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