NEW ByCut Smart 3015

With 15 kW fiber power, the compact ByCut Smart with a new design and options offers excellent cutting performance and efficiencies across a range of material types and thicknesses. 

Plenty of power: Laser power levels from 3 to 15 kW ensure excellent cutting performance and high parts output for a variety of material types and thicknesses. Depending on production requirements and customer requests, the Bystronic ByCut Smart 3015 is available in a range of fiber laser powers that include 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15kW.

Sheet metal processing job shops and OEMs benefit from this with a broad application spectrum. In addition to steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, non-ferrous metals can also be processed with world-class cutting quality.

Upgradeable with clever features

ByCut Smart is extremely flexible. Smart features such as the Nozzle Control Tool (NCT) and KerfScan, the Parameter Wizard, and cutting with MixGas, in addition to more laser power, ensure higher cutting quality as well as increased productivity.

NCT & KerfScan: The NCT provides automatic nozzle centering at the beginning of a cutting plan and after collisions. As a result, manual interaction from the operator is no longer required, reducing time expenditure by up to 95%. Centering is completed within seconds, rather than minutes.

KerfScan also serves as a monitoring function, thus increasing process reliability. Through greater autonomy, customers benefit by producing less scrap due to incorrect settings, poor material quality, or hot sheet metal, which reduces waste costs and makes production with flame cutting more cost-effective and reliable.

All of this ensures consistently high process quality and a high degree of autonomy in lightly-manned operations plus a marked reduction in waste.

Parameter Wizard: In only a few minutes, the Parameter Wizard determines the perfect parameters for you with N2 and MixGas for steel with thicknesses of 4 to 15 millimeters. The Parameter Wizard optimizes the entire cutting process and ensures its smooth functioning, which guarantees the customer optimal utilization and improved production time without downtime.

MixGas: MixGas combines the benefits of O2 and N2, and is an alternative to cutting with pure nitrogen or oxygen. Cutting with MixGas massively improves cutting quality in thicker steel at increased cutting speeds. Additionally, MixGas contributes to improved cutting results with varying qualities of steel. The higher the laser power, the greater the advantage.

More loading capacity thanks to a new shuttle table concept

A further benefit speaks in favor of the new laser cutting machine: With the new shuttle table concept, users load their ByCut Smart up to 40 millimeters over the entire surface on one table. This means operators achieve a significantly higher maximum load on the shuttle table compared to the status quo of 30 millimeters and thus cut significantly thicker parts.

Better access

The new ByCut Smart has a new sharp and modern look that matches the machine’s performance. Furthermore, the new design significantly increases user-friendliness. Different access door configurations provide perfect flexibility in the design. This includes front and/or side access as well as multiple windows with direct views of the cutting process. Overall, the new design offers better access to the interior space as a result.

Completing with automation

For many users, automatic laser cutting is a criterion that is decisive for success. Automation solutions for fiber laser cutting provide clear benefits: They increase the utilization of the laser cutting system to the maximum and also relieve operators of time-consuming material handling. Both of these lead to cutting orders being carried out faster or more economically.

The Bystronic software and automation solutions optimally integrate ByCut Smart into your sheet metal production.

Loading and unloading solutions can be selected in a variety of layouts and degrees of automation. The Bystronic systems organize the material flow fully and semi-automatically according to the order situation, additionally providing enough flexibility to process smaller orders manually as well.

ByCut Smart 3015 proves itself to be robust and stable, guaranteeing low operating costs: A fast cutting process and extremely low maintenance requirements guarantee a high machine uptime and longevity, and thus more profit per part.

Demonstrations of ByCut Smart 15kW with ByTrans Modular / BySort material handling automation will be ongoing during FABTECH – Booth A1326.

Bystronic. Your best choice.

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