Mini Drill Press / Microprocessor Control from SERVO Products

Servo Products’ new micro drill press features a revolutionary brushless motor, and when coupled with the new 708-CNC controller; it opens up a whole new level of capability.

Programmable mini-drill presses have been on the market for many years for single hole drilling applications where small precision holes are required. Consistently, however, there have been limits to their overall performance and programming capabilities. In addition to limited motor speed/direction control and low torque, the brush motors could wear through a set of brushes in 6 weeks in continuous use applications.

As a way to deliver maximum performance and reliability, SERVO® Products Co. (Eastlake, OH), a progressive designer and manufacturer of a broad line of knee-type milling machine accessories since 1964, has recently developed their new Mini Drill press and the 708-CNC control option. Unique to the market and made in the USA, the Mini Drill Press and microprocessor-controlled quill feed unit represents a complete re-design to modern technology–featuring a brushless DC motor (no carbon dust) with higher RPM; and with the 708-CNC option, precision program control for peck drilling, and reaming cycles, and deep hole drilling.

Essentially a complete mini drill press with a brushless motor programmed via CNC panel, SERVO’s model 708-CNC offers the ability to download, upload, and store hundreds of integrated speed and motion direction programs on one controller…delivering infinite program control!


BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR: Ideal for continuous use (24/7) applications, where downtime and carbon dust is not desirable, SERVO’s Mini Drill Presses with the Model 708-CNC control keeps running without the need to change brushes. It also offers better speed regulation and more torque.

CNC PANEL CONTROL: Switching the spindle direction from forward to reverse and back, and spindle RPM controls, are now the standard on SERVO’s Model 708-CNC. The programmable control now integrates spindle RPM, direction, and motion control via a true CNC panel. If you program 12,500 RPMs and .25 IPM travel…that’s exactly what you’ll get!


  • Available with Yukiwa or Albrecht chucks or WW collets for even more precision
  • 12”, 19”, or offset column and inch or metric calibration
  • Spindle runout achieves a very high accuracy / precision of .0002” TIR
  • Encoder on the drive motor makes movement very precise and accurate–repeatable to within .0005”
  • Optional foot switch (M-710) can be added to any Servo drill press


Competitively priced, SERVO’s Mini Drill Press and Model 708-CNC mini-drill press delivers high-reliability and maximum performance for single-hole drilling applications including: automotive, aerospace, computer and electronic, medical devices, musical instruments, jewelry, EDM, and molded parts–as well as for laboratory and engineering department applications.

According to Servo Engineer, Garry Yaworski, “The 708-CNC’s distinct performance features are revolutionary for a myriad of industries and applications. Currently, we have a medical company who uses it in their robotic automation cells that require a 100% duty cycle operation.”

Servo can provide solutions for most any milling, turning, or grinding applications with support from their partner company/distributor High Quality Tools® (Eastlake, OH / Largo, FL), which is a one-stop retail supplier of replacement parts for vertical knee-type milling machines, tooling and accessories for today’s machine shops. Servo also has a network of approximately 250 dealers throughout the U.S.A.

About SERVO® Products

Since 1964, SERVO® Products Company has been a progressive designer and manufacturer of a broad line of manual knee-type mill machine tools and accessories–including power feeds, small precision drill presses, power drawbars, variable frequency drives, bracketry, and the recently added Orion CNC Retrofit package. With a focus on knee mill power feeds and precision drill presses for the medical, aerospace, jewelry industries (amongst others), Servo is a family owned, ISO 9001: 2015 Certified, made in the USA manufacturing company that has a reputation for high quality and unparalleled customer service.

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About High Quality Tools®

Since 1983, High Quality Tools® has been a dedicated Servo partner/distributor and one-stop retail supplier of replacement parts, tools, and accessories for vertical knee-type milling machines.

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