DiaGrind 535 series – The All-Rounder from oelheld U.S. Inc.

Diagrind 535 from oelheld contains a blend of high-quality additives and superior base oils and does not require regeneration or complete exchange for many years. Its high-performance characteristics are coveted by many OEM machine tool manufacturers such as Reishauer, Gleason, Pfauter, Klingelnberg, Hoefler, and others. DiaGrind has an environmentally friendly composition, keeps operators safe and production equipment in top shape.

DiaGrind 535 grinding oil is available in a variety of viscosities. (5, 15, 25 centistokes)

The premium formulation shows broad versatility and is being used for

  • Gear grinding
  • Hobbing
  • Honing
  • Cutting

It is successfully in use by internationally operating automobile and transmission companies and has helped these entities in the demanding process of increasing production and tightening specs.

About oelheld U.S. Inc

oelheld GmbH is a medium-sized business that can look back on 130 years of tradition and experience. Since its foundation in 1887 by Carl Christian Held, oelheld GmbH has established itself as a lubricant specialist. Partnership, research, and Human Technology are the core values and are traditions that they are proud of.

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