ABB IEC Plug and Connector IP69K Rated

ABB/Russellstoll® IEC 60309 connectors now IP69K rated for highest dirt and liquid protection

ABB IEC 60309 plugs and connectors are now IP69K rated, which is the highest dust and liquid ingress rating attainable, making the connectors ideal for applications requiring liquid ingress protection. Examples include wash-down operations in food processing plants, dairy farms, breweries and other applications.

ABB IEC 60309 plugs and connectors are now IP69K rated.

“In environments like the food processing industry, which require routine high-pressure wash downs, electrical components are vulnerable to liquid ingress of both water and chemicals,” said Camilo Delgado, product marketing director at ABB. “The IP69K rating offers complete assurance that our ABB IEC 60309 pin and sleeve devices have been certified to be both durable and resistant, and conform to the highest ingress protection rating.”

The IP69K tests entailed placing the ABB IEC 60309 devices on a turntable at a speed of approximately 5 revolutions per minute (rpm). They were then sprayed at close range at a rate of 4 gallons (16 liters) per minute with water pressure between 1,160 and 1,450 pounds per square inch (psi), at a temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius). The water nozzle was held at a variety of angles, between 4 and 6 inches from the product. To attain the IP69K rating, the product being tested must completely resist liquid ingress.

ABB IEC devices are also durable and offer superior cable strain relief and pullout prevention. Safety measures incorporated into the ABB IEC 60309 connectors include a double cable clamp system to prevent cable detachment and two screws at each terminal to maintain electrical connection.

The housing is designed for maximum durability in harsh operating conditions, and is made from a self-extinguishing (UL 94V0), ultraviolet (UV)-resistant (UL 746 F1) Valox® 357 material. The material is also highly resistant to chemicals like mineral and organic acids, organic solvents and petroleum. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon is used for the contact carrier on devices rated between 60 and 125 amps. A self-cleaning design keeps debris or dirt out of the electrical contacts to reduce down time.

ABB IEC pin and sleeve devices are durable and offer safe and reliable electrical connections in industrial settings. The IP69K-rated ingress protections ensure that they are ideal for high-pressure wash-down applications, like food and beverage.

For more information about the new ABB/Russellstoll® IEC 60309 connector, please visit emAlbum/albums//us_resource/ RS_ABBIEC60309.pdf, or call (800) 435-7365.

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