There was a time, before the age of the internet, that when you had a problem you would turn to the phonebook to find the answers to your questions. It was a resource you always had on hand. For job shop and machine shop owners, business executives, OEM’s/MRO’s, contract and production line manufacturers, Industrial Machinery Digest’s Annual Suppliers Directory, is the resource you need for manufacturing in 2018.

Featuring over 1700 listings in more than 40 categories, this is our most requested issue of the year. Our Suppliers Directory includes IMD’s Featured Suppliers. These are our trusted partners in a wide range of specialized fields. Whether you are looking for abrasives, precision CNC machining software and equipment, or automation solutions, you can find the means to improve your own production process within these pages.

Finding a greater return from the machines and equipment you have available often means a greater return on your workforce. Spyder Manufacturing, a second generation company, was struggling after global competition forced them to downsize production of their lawn and garden parts and accessories. In this issue, learn how this small manufacturer went from utilizing old, rudimentary machines to investing in CNC-based machining solutions from Siemens, and revitalized their business.

At Industrial Machinery Digest, we are problem solvers. Our dedicated team connects readers with the solutions they need for the difficulties they are facing today and preparing our industrial workforce for the future. Our editorial coverage returns later this month with our look at the second quarter in the digital IMD Quarterly.