Improving Operations

Founded in 1992, Metal-Tech Partners (MTP) has rapidly grown from a supplier of telecommunications products to a multi-million-dollar business providing custom-manufactured and fabricated parts and services to the international telecom industry. This includes meeting exacting specifications for thousands of products ranging from racks, bays, and cabinets to pipe stands and support grids.

“If the product is not onsite, we’ll make it,” said Caleb Wolf, IT and plant manager, MTP. “We pride ourselves on the ability to meet customer needs quickly, accurately, and at the most competitive price in the industry. Our overriding goal is to lead the industry with high-quality products provided at the lowest possible costs and with the fastest turnaround times.”

Epicor Cloud ERP

A major component of the MTP strategy is to employ the latest technologies at every company level. Most recently, this involved replacing MTP’s legacy software program with the Epicor Cloud ERP solution. In this Exclusive White Paper from Epicor you will learn how their ERP software can:

  • Metrics that save time and reduce costs
  • Better coordination throughout the company
  • Consolidated services in one system