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Portable Abrasive Power Tools from Dynabrade

Founded in 1969, Dynabrade has earned a reputation for excellence and a position of leadership in the innovative design and manufacturing of unique portable abrasive power tools and related accessories. With over 800 high-quality tools in our product line, including the new Dynisher Finishing Tool, a new line of air powered reversible drills, a variable speed pencil grinder, as well as the line of Raptor Vac portable vacuum systems, Dynabrade can meet the specific needs of industrial and automotive markets. Their products and accessories are used in grinding, deburring, filing, sanding and polishing applications on materials such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, rubber, stone and composites.

Superior in Line Finishes on Stainless Steel

Dynisher Finishing Tool when used with coated abrasive or non-woven nylon belts is ideal for providing in line scratch finishes on stainless steel and other materials. The Air Powered Dynisher is available in two different RPM configurations – 3,400 RPM and 4,500 RPM. The tool is designed for use with 5/8”-11 threaded abrasive wheels 4” wide up to 5” in diameter, and is excellent for use with Abrasive Flap Wheels as well.

When used with the optional Dynacushion Pneumatic Wheel and coated abrasive belt, the tool will achieve an in-line scratch pattern on stainless steel and other materials. The operator moves the tool in an easy front-to-back motion, achieving the desired finish. Non-Woven Nylon Belts and Wheels are also available for greater versatility when finishing metal. An adjustable tool guard is also standard to shield operator from debris.

A wide variety of accessories are also available which include pneumatic wheels, non-woven nylon wheels, wheel inflation tools, air lines, abrasive belts and more. No-obligation demonstrations offered on this tool or any tool in the Dynabrade line. Call for details.

Four Speed Pistol Grip Reversible Drills

This new tool line of Industrial Quality Air Powered Reversible Drills are available in four Speeds; 450, 950, 1800 and 3700 RPM. The newly designed Pistol Grip Drills are designed with finger platforms on both sides of the tool, allowing increased stability and support. At .5 Hp, the tools include a 3/8” Chuck and feature a high torque air motor for countless applications. Direction of the drill is reversed with a simple change of a switch.

Each drill features a 3/8”-24 thread for added versatility. Running at 90 PSI, the air powered drills feature a rear exhaust motor to direct debris away from the workpiece. Additionally, the housing features a rubber overmold for reduced vibration and cold air transmission to the operator. Sounds levels are as low as 75 dB(A). The drills are ideal for use in Aerospace, Composite, Metalworking and Woodworking Markets.

Precision Deburring, Finishing, and Engraving

The Variable Speed Pencil Grinder allows you to easily adjust the speed from 0 – 60,000 RPM to suit a variety of grinding applications. This new Pencil Grinder offers precision deburring, finishing and engraving with an easy, adjustable speed flow control. Simply set your speed with the touch of a dial. The tool remains at the desired speed until the operator changes it.

The tool features a high-quality air-line, an overhose assembly that helps direct air away from the operator, and an Ergonomic Tactile Grip for a non-slip, comfortable operation. The tool also has an easy one-touch push button for easy on/off operation. A convenient Spindle Lock has a “thru-hole” for quick accessory change. No need to struggle with two wrenches.

Ideal for use with Turbine Blade Manufacturers, Tool and Die Shops, Machine Shops, Investment Castings, Jewelry, Medical Implants and various Composites Markets, The Variable Speed Pencil Grinder includes a 1/8” collet and accepts Carbide Burrs and Mounted Points.

Portable Vacuum Systems and Accessories

The new Raptor Vac™ Portable Vacuum Systems are designed to aggressively capture dust and debris for a cleaner, safer workplace. These top-quality vacuums may be utilized in a wide variety of industries, such as Auto Body shops, Wood Shops, Fiberglass Fabricators and more.

Raptor Vac™ Vacuums meet North American and international safety standards, and are offered in electric and pneumatic models, each with an efficient HEPA filter:

  • M-CLASS Vacuums

Suitable for general source capture and dry cleanup on non-metallic surfaces such as woods and plastics.

  • DIVISION 2 Vacuums

Designed for workplaces where hazardous dust is not normally suspended in an ignitable concentration, but may accidentally exist.

  • DIVISION 1 Vacuums

For dry-only collection where ignitable quantities of dust normally are or may be in suspension, or conductive dust may exist.

  • DIVISION 1 Vacuums with Immersion Separator

Guaranteed for safe recovery of combustible dusts, rendering hazardous material inert, using mineral oil as a neutralizing liquid.

Dynabrade also offers optional Vacuum/Accessory Cart (for M-Class and Division 2 units) where tools and accessories may be conveniently mounted, then saved in a lockable storage compartment. A variety of accessories are also available including Vacuum Hose Assemblies, Filter Elements, Hose and Air-Line Accessories, Vacuum Cleaning Kits and Vacuum Trays.

About Dynabrade
Dynabrade has been supplying quality industrial abrasive power tools for use in industries worldwide for over forty-nine years. Dynabrade, Inc., 8989 Sheridan Drive, Clarence, New York 14031-1490. (716) 631-0100. Fax: (716) 631-2073. For more information, visit www.dynabrade.com