Lincoln Electric’s Mobiflex® 400-MS is a self-cleaning welding fume extraction and filtration system designed to extend filter life and reduce maintenance for users.

Lincoln Electric’s new Mobiflex® 400-MS is a self-cleaning welding fume extraction and filtration system designed to extend filter life and reduce maintenance for users. Ideal for smaller manufacturing facilities, this system provides light to medium duty welding fume extraction in variable locations.

The Mobiflex 400-MS fume extractor was designed with efficiency and cost savings in mind. The RotaPulse® automatic filter cleaning system and large filter capacity enable users to maintain operation effectiveness and decrease downtime with less filter changes. The filter status indicator monitors the amount of particulate in the filter cartridge to alert the user when it is time for replacement.

Now made in the U.S.A. and covered by a three-year warranty, the Mobiflex 400-MS fume extractor base units have a new, reduced price amounting to nearly 21% in savings. The self-cleaning benefit included in the Mobiflex 400-MS base model reduces the number of filter replacements compared to a non-self-cleaning model, providing customers significant savings and the potential to recoup the price premium within the first year.

Lincoln Electric’s Preventive Maintenance Service offers short- and long-term benefits for customers who use fume extraction systems.

The internal spark arrestor—a safety measurement functioning as a pre-filter for larger sized particulate—prevents sparks from reaching the filter. The system provides automatic on and off operation in models having extraction arms equipped with an arc sensor and lamp kit.

The Mobiflex 400-MS base unit includes a plastic housing, two-foot flexible hose, and choice of MERV 14 or MERV 16-rated filter. A 10 ft. or 13 ft. extraction arm, with or without the factory-installed arc sensor/lamp kit, or a hose/hood set is required to complete the system.

The fume extraction arms are flexible and lightweight, while remaining rugged, reliable, and dent and scratch resistant, enabling easy transportation. Lastly, the arms come equipped with a 360° rotatable hood for optimal positioning.

Several One-Pak® packages are available for easy ordering. Each package includes a base unit and an extraction arm.

Lincoln Electric’s VIKING 3250D Welding Helmet features an Integrated Flip-Up Grind Shield to increase the operator’s field of view in both open and closed positions.

Enhanced Field of View And Safety Offered With 4C Lens Technology

Designed for the professional welder, the VIKING™ 3250D FGS™ Welding Helmet features a Flip-Up Grind Shield to increase the operator’s field of view in both open and closed positions through the integration of a clear face shield and side windows. These features can not only reduce the amount of time needed to conduct material setup, inspection and weld operations, but may minimize any potential hazards that come from having to frequently remove the helmet and store it at the worksite.

The VIKING 3250D FGS Welding Helmet also boasts an industry leading optic design, 4C® Lens Technology, which eliminates blur, distortion and eye strain by reducing color saturation in the liquid crystal display (LCD) while also providing a consistent shade at any angle. This technology scores a perfect 1/1/1/1 rating on the only auto-darkening lens quality standard in the world (EN 379). The 12.5-square-inch auto-darkening viewing area is the largest for this product type industry wide, making it ideal for a range of industries that use multiple welding processes.

Lincoln Electric designed this VIKING helmet with a multitude of key features that can improve productivity, enhance optic quality, revamp comfort and promote safety to position the VIKING 3250D FGS Welding Helmet as the only welding helmet professionals will ever need.

4C Stands For The Following Attributes:

  • Clarity – Optical clarity at the highest EN379 1/1/1/1 levels
  • Color – Real color view
  • Carat – Lightweight auto-darkening filter
  • Cut – Even shade from any angle

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