Industrial Machinery Digest highlights LD Systems’ innovative approach in medical manufacturing, focusing on the development of a state-of-the-art facility for Custom Surgical Kits.

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Introduction to Custom Surgical Kits

Medical procedures demand precision, and this is what ROi, an innovative medical device manufacturer, aimed to address with personalized surgical kits. These kits, designed for individual surgeons, contain every disposable item required for specific procedures. Initially introduced for the Mercy Hospital Group, the demand surged, indicating the need for expanded facilities and more refined operations.

However, a detailed 150-page consulting report couldn’t provide ROi with practical solutions. It was comprehensive but lacked actionable steps.

LD Systems Steps In

LD Systems came on board to offer actionable and cost-effective solutions. They began by analyzing the existing manual operations, studying processes, final products, and collecting data from various operations. The outcome was a sophisticated distribution center linked to a high-tech manufacturing clean room. Given the critical nature of the kits, ensuring accuracy in every pack was crucial.

Key Features

The modern distribution center included:

  • A reserve rack for frequently demanded items.
  • A multi-level pick module for accurate unit picking.
  • A sorter ensuring precise item channeling.

The clean room had nine assembly lines, each producing a unique surgical kit. Before production, a cart with all needed items was prepped, ensuring each kit was complete. Rigorous quality checks were in place, with kits undergoing thorough verification before sterilization and dispatch.

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Technical Overview

For those keen on technical specifics, LD Systems provided:

  • Thorough Operations Review.
  • Efficient Layout and Design.
  • Detailed AutoCAD Drawings.
  • Cutting-edge Equipment Installation.
  • Comprehensive Project Management.

The facility spanned 108,000 sq. ft., contained over 2500 raw materials, flexible line configurations, and an array of equipment from push-back racks to advanced conveyors and packaging systems.

Storage Types

  • 3-Story Raw Material
  • Pick Module
  • Pallet Rack
  • Push-Back Rack
  • Carton Flow
  • Pallet Flow
  • Shelving

Conveyor System

  • Motor-Driven Roller
  • Multi-Direction Diverts
  • Sortation
  • Print & Apply Labeling
  • QC by Weight
  • Shelving

Clean Room

  • 9 Assembly Lines
  • Dynamic Line Configuration
  • QC By-Weight Verification
  • Integrated Packaging


The collaboration between ROi’s innovative vision and LD Systems’ technical expertise has set new benchmarks in medical manufacturing, emphasizing both efficiency and surgical precision.

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