Big Ass Light LED with Occupancy Sensor

New occupancy sensors make Big Ass Light’s long-lasting LED fixtures even more energy efficient.

The optional sensor is a low-profile device that offers 360 degrees of monitoring to automatically turn the light on and off when people enter and leave the space. The turn-off timer can be programmed from floor level using a remote, and the sensor can be adjusted to dim or turn off during daylight hours if natural light is present.

Big_Ass_Lights_January_20_2016Big Ass Light LEDs use about half the energy of equivalent metal halide fixtures and 5 to 20 percent less energy than equivalent fluorescent fixtures on average. By turning the fixture off when it’s not needed, the occupancy sensor can reduce energy consumption of the fixture by an additional 30 to 65 percent.

Designed for long-term performance, Big Ass Light fixtures are constructed from a single piece of anodized, extruded aluminum, which acts as a heat sink and helps the LEDs reach the fixture’s rated life of up to 150,000 hours. Lumen maintenance trays protect the LED board from dust and debris, while an easy-access panel allows quick access to the driver and other components if they ever need replaced.HighBayLED_Web

Each fixture is backed by a 7-year warranty that covers all components – even the driver. Limited free trials of Big Ass Light are available by calling 888-958-6520 or by visiting

About Big Ass Lighting


As Big Ass Fans, we knocked air movement out of the park in industrial facilities, air-conditioned spaces and homes. So our customers came to us with other problems. One we heard over and over again: employers’ once-bright lights now glowed a dim yellow, making it difficult for workers to do their jobs and forcing maintenance teams to constantly replace bulbs. Those inefficient bulbs also kept energy costs high.

So we added leading lighting experts to our herd of engineers. They visited our customers’ facilities and saw their problems firsthand. The result? Big Ass Light: saving money, energy and time with customized, cutting-edge lighting designs and the world’s best fixtures.


We take the same approach with lights as we do with fans. That means selling directly to our customers, so we can better understand their problems. It means putting our lights through the same rigorous testing at our research-and-development laboratory as every other product we make. It means not stopping until we’ve built the best fixtures we can…and then starting all over again to make them even better. Just like with fans, our lights aren’t half-assed—they’re Big Ass. And that’s precisely why there’s No Equal™, no matter what we make.

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