FlowXpert 2015 Waterjet Cutting Software

The all-new software suite allows waterjet users to work more effectively in 3D, with less complexity. FlowXpert 2015 is the world’s first fully integrated 3D...

KOMET KUB Centron Powerline Provides Maximum Drilling Performance

With its double-sided design, the KOMET KUB Centron® Powerline provides maximum drilling performance, effectively working at twice the feed rates of conventional deep hole...

Uniburr Instructional Video

Learn how to make the most of your Uniburr. By using it properly, you'll get the most out of your tool. 1. Safety First The...

Machines Matter – Featuring Danica Patrick and Rogue Fitness

You know Haas Automation is the largest CNC machine tool builder in the Western World, but did you know they positively affect everyday life...

Sharpen Your End Mills with Darex

Building a Sharpener with Darex

SCT – Cool Flute Thread Mill

Thread MillsThread mills cut a thread using helical interpolation. Helical interpolation involves moving three axes simultaneously. The X and Y axes move in a...

Mazak HCN-6800

Perfect for high-volume, large heavy part production, this horizontal machining center combines advanced technology and outstanding value for achieving maximum performance when cutting virtually...

NACHI – NV Pro EX – 3D Surface Matching Vision System

Using Nachi NV-Pro EX Dot Cloud Vision Technology, components lacking easily identifiable features such as holes or defined edges can be selected based upon...

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