TDM Systems Releases New Tool Lifecycle Management Video

TDM Systems, a software manufacturer, process consultant and leader in electronic management of tools and production equipment has made available a new video titled, “TDM supports Industry 4.0 with Tool Lifecycle Management.”

Industry 4.0 needs the support of digital tools and the brand new video about Tool Lifecycle Management demonstrates with this is so important. In a unique blend of real film and digital avatars…“Science Fiction Meets Real Tool Lifecycle Management,” the applications and advantages of an integrated Tool Lifecycle Management are made clear.

The film was shot at the machine tool company GROB-Werke in Mindelheim, Germany. GROB is a TDM customer and an Industry 4.0 visionary.

About TDM Systems:
For over 25 years, TDM Systems has been the leading provider of tool data management in creating and editing tool data and graphics, integrating tool expertise and 3D graphics into the CAM engineering and organizing the complete tool cycle at the shop floor level are the three core competencies of TDM Systems and the pillars of the TLM strategy. As a competence center within the Sandvik Group, TDM Systems draws on the experience of various toolmakers in developing its software products.

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