York Portable Machine Tools

Q: How would you describe your company’s primary business?
A: York Portable Machine Tools manufactures and sells a full range of portable Line Boring machines, automated Bore Welders, Rotary Mills, Linear Mills, and In-Line Turning machines. Our portable tools go directly to the job site and provide everything you need to make precision repairs to heavy equipment without the costs of transporting machinery offsite.

Q: In brief, what is the history of your company?
A: Established in 1986, York first filled the demand for onsite machining by developing portable Line Boring machines. Years after introducing this successful product line, York has gone on to build Bore Welders, Rotary Mills, Linear Mills, and In-Line Turning machines. York’s products are used globally in the mining, forestry, ship building, petrochemical, hydroelectric and aerospace industries. In July of 2017 York Portable was acquired by Superior Plant Rentals. The York platform expands Superior’s rental solutions and will position them as a preferred portable machine tool provider.

Q: How has your company changed through the years?
A: York has always been committed to providing customers with quality service and innovative solutions to the challenges of today’s industry. Along with our wide range of portable tools, this philosophy has helped us grow and expand. The internet has certainly allowed us to both reach and share information with global customers. We regularly show our machines on social media working in the field on unique applications, and we can give advice on a set-up or helping troubleshoot an issue in real time.

Q: What have been some interesting applications of your products?
A: York portable machine tools are used on every continent, including Antarctica. Our equipment has been used on everything from precisely aligning the engine mounts on aircraft, to repairing titanium ground canons for the military. Our durable equipment can be found line boring valve seats on submarines or repairing a slewing ring seat ninety feet above a dry-land log sort.

Q: What critical issues do your clients rarely know they have or might encounter?
A: Our customers know the escalating costs of machinery down-time. They have come to trust that having York Machine Tools onsite can have their heavy equipment up and running in no time.

Q: What do you want to see in the future for the industry?
A: York is always striving to provide equipment which is safer and more user friendly, while maintaining the quality and robustness our customers have come to expect.

For more information, visit www.yorkmachine.com