Q: How would you describe your company’s primary business?
A: EXAIR’s primary business is to solve process and production problems found within industry, with our engineered compressed air products, an unmatched level of customer service and product support. EXAIR products solve problems, reduce compressed air use, save money spent on compressed air generation, increase safety and lower noise exposure.

Q: In brief, what is the history of your company?
A: EXAIR began in 1983 with handful of products which included Vortex Tubes, Cabinet Coolers, Air Knives and Air Nozzles. We have since continued to add to our product lines and now offer the world’s largest selection of end use compressed air products represented by 16 individual product lines including additions of Air Conveyors, Static Eliminators, Atomizing Spray Nozzles and Industrial Vacuums.

Q: How has EXAIR changed through the years?
A: EXAIR has concentrated on engineering, design and production improvements to all of our product lines in order to improve efficiency, performance and quality. We have continued to serve customers by decreasing lead times and providing quick turnaround of custom products. Our stock product lines ship same day if ordered by 3 pm Eastern and we can manufacture custom products in as little as three days.

Q: EXAIR was incorporated in 1983, how has technology changed during that time?
A: Over the course of 34 years there is not any element of technology which has remained the same. From machine technologies to materials and communication, technology has continued to change at a faster and faster pace. Keeping up with the latest and greatest tools and processes has never been more important.

Q: What questions do your customers frequently ask?
A: Our customers frequently ask, in general, “can you solve my problem“, “can it ship today”, or “do you provide application and installation support”? Fortunately for EXAIR, we have a highly skilled and experienced support staff who can answer yes to those questions at an alarming rate – which has led to our success.

Q: What difficulties have you faced in the American market this past year?
A: With the United States unemployment at low levels, it has been difficult to find skilled workers to keep up with our growth levels. We have been challenged to find qualified employees across all of our departments and all positions available.

Q: What successes has EXAIR had since last year?
A: EXAIR introduced a second generation of Static Eliminator products in February of 2016 which highlighted our commitment to engineering, design improvements and quality. These new products have been met with great success in the market and we are confident they will be among the best products in their category.

Q: What do you want to see in the future for the industry?
A: EXAIR would like to see more companies get committed to reduced energy consumption and higher compressed air efficiency. We want to continue to play a role in their efforts to reduce the world’s energy consumption and see our products solve more problems so, together, we can help to make the world a better place.

For more information, visit www.exair.com

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