Sumitomo’s WDX Large Diameter Drill Series


Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc.’s industry-acclaimed WDX Series large diameter drill line now includes WDX-L coolant through models.


Reducing the cost per part, the WDX-L Indexable Drill features side port coolant. Because not all spindles are coolant-thru, the WDX-L allows for the use of coolant through the side port. WDX-L diameters range from 0.5625” – 2.5000” in 4XD drill body lengths. The WDX-L uses the same inserts as Sumitomo’s conventional WDX Series (WDXT inserts).

Diameters of the conventional WDX range from 0.5625” – 2.625” in 2XD, 3XD and 4XD drill body lengths. The WDX Series is available in inch and metric sizes.

Sumitomo’s vast selection of WDX and WDX-L bodies deliver a proven design for stable drilling. All bodies come with a four-cornered indexable insert design to provide a cost effective solution and easy tool management. The series uses two inserts per drill, regardless of diameter size. Insert grades for a longer tool life include ACP300 for steel, ACK300 for cast iron and DL1500 for aluminum.

For a limited time, the WDX and WDX-L are available at special IMTS promotional savings. Through December, Sumitomo is offering kit pricing (including the drill body, 10 inserts, and a $10 gift card) and buy two drills get one drill free.

For more information visit Sumitomo’s IMTS booth #W-2422.

About Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc.
The Sumitomo business was started in Kyoto, the historic capital city of Japan, nearly 400 years ago by Masatomo Sumitomo (1585-1652) and Riemon Soga (1572-1636).

Masatomo is regarded as the spiritual founder of the Sumitomo Group. Following an early career in the Buddhist priesthood, he established a shop in Kyoto that sold medicines and books. In accordance with the custom of his time, Masatomo produced written teachings for his household and disciples. One volume of these, which provided advice on the conduct of commercial activity, has come to be known as the “Founder’s Precepts” and is the basis of code of conduct, still today, for the Sumitomo Group of companies.

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