Small Footprint…Big Productivity:

Material applications requiring small volume achieve performance advantages with midwestern industries’ 18” diameter, next-generation mr-18 gyra-vib® separator unit.

In response to the demand from small volume material users, Midwestern Industries, Inc. (Massillon, OH), a leading manufacturing mainstay of innovation for the screening industry since 1953, is introducing their new MR-18 Gyra-Vib® Separator that features an 18” diameter size–their smallest size vibratory separator unit on the market ever.

A ‘next-generation’ version of their leading MR Gyra-Vib® Separator series, the MR-18 is more compact and versatile–ideal for select markets with applications that don’t require a lot of material volume including: steel shot peening, blast and sponge media, reclaiming systems, bakery, etc.

Used to separate particles by size or separate solids from liquids, the MR-18 vibratory separator is designed for maximum screening efficiency and easy handling for smaller operations. It features a conventional design utilizing a center-mounted sealed motor and innovative balance cage weight system, to control the vibratory screening motion during the screening process. Easy change of the lead angle by adjusting the weights provides for optimal flow patterns and top performance.

Notably, the MR-18 unit comes standard with 1800 RPM motors in a wide range of voltage options. Running at 1800 RPM gives the unit a shorter stroke, which adds to overall through-put to the machine. This delivers less amplitude of up/down vibration–thus, keeping the material on the screen longer to ensure more efficient screening.


Perfect for both wet and dry applications, the MR-18 is quality built and engineered at Midwestern’s Massillon, Ohio manufacturing headquarters (147,000 Sq. Ft.) and features essential design and engineering benefits including:

  • Anti-binding devices including ball tray assembly and slider tray assembly.
  • Multiple screening decks are available for simultaneous separation.
  • Wide range of screen meshes available down to 25 microns.
  • Fully customizable to meet customer’s specific screening needs.

Additionally, the MR-18 features innovative balance cages that can extend screen life and ensure the longevity of each vibratory screener. These cages are mounted directly on the motor shaft, and are designed for quick- and-easy weight adjustments for the compact and versatile unit.


Full-scale screening testing is also available for MR-18 Gyra-Vib customers at Midwestern’s recently expanded Materials Testing Lab–FREE of charge. Comprised of over 10,000 Sq. Ft. of Midwestern’s manufacturing headquarters, the Lab is an invaluable testing facility platform–considered one of the best tools for customers
to make informed decisions about their screening processes. Ultimately, end-users can use the facility to gain vital quantitative data into their screening processes via running ‘real-time’, full-scale material tests for new applications–as well as improving on existing ones.


Used to separate particles by size or separate solids from liquids, Midwestern’s vibratory separators are designed for maximum screening efficiency. The MR-18 Gyra-Vib is the perfect ‘next-generation’ extension of the MR Series’ tradition–offering versatility and range in a customer-demanded 18” diameter footprint for a myriad of small volume material applications.

According to Midwestern Sales Manager, Joe Bailey, “We had supplied 18” screens and parts for competitors in the past, and the unique 18” size had been in demand and on our radar for development for a long time.

We’ve responded accordingly–premiering the new and competitively priced MR-18 at the 2019 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) Show in Las Vegas, NV in September. We will also feature it at the upcoming 2019 USA Shot Peening & Blast Cleaning Workshop in Orlando, FL in October.”

Midwestern’s separation equipment can be constructed and finished to industrial, food, dairy, and pharmaceutical standards. Additional screening decks are available for multiple separations.

About Midwestern Industries, Inc.

Since 1953, Midwestern Industries, Inc. has been a mainstay of innovation for the screening industry, delivering customized manufacturing and design solutions for a myriad of processing industries including: Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Aggregates, Shot Peening, Plastics, Brick and Clay, Ceramics, and Powdered Metals, amongst others. Known throughout the industry as “The Sizing People®”, Midwestern’s comprehensive product line offers advanced application solutions for handling coarse, fine, wet, and dry materials with the ability to screen and separate particles from 20 microns and up. We achieve these demanding standards by leveraging advanced precision manufacturing screening techniques and accessories that drive productivity.

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