SCHUNK Releases Quick Change ROTA NCX Chuck

ROTA NCX – Upgrade Easily to Tomorrow’s Technology

Are you using the conventional lathe chuck that came with your machine? If so, you are guaranteed to have higher costs than if you were using workholding that is tailored to your machine.


Most machines come equipped with basic conventional lathe chucks. One essential upgrade should be to a quick change chuck such as the ROTA NCX from SCHUNK. It is a power lathe chuck with quick jaw change system. Using a quick change chuck not only reduces costs, it will also reduce your set-up and change-over time, and additionally your machine will have the high-quality design and service life it deserves.

This innovative product boasts a large through-hole which has been optimized with reduced-weight, in order to preserve your bearing’s lifetime, and the efficiency of your machine. Upgrading to the ROTA NCX is more straightforward than ever as it fits perfectly on machines that are equipped with short stroke cylinders. Due to its design, it can easily replace conventional lathe chucks. The internal parts of an existing chuck, the draw tube adapter, adapter plate and retaining ring can all remain the same.

With the ROTA NCX, available from size 165 to 315mm, a jaw set can be changed out with a repeat accuracy of 0.02 mm, while decreasing set up time by up to 80%.

Realize the potential of your machine with the ROTA NCX from SCHUNK

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