Sandvik Hyperion Introduces New Mill Blanks

End Mill Blanks with Superior Diameter Tolerances

Sandvik Hyperion
is introducing new diameter tolerances in high performance end mill blanks described as RUGI. New tolerances exceed the industry standard with an advanced round tool blanks specification.


The new diameter tolerances aim to improve machining productivity and performance of round tools. The new Hyperion diameter specifications deliver a tight or tighter than ISO h5 tolerance on the round tool blanks.

The new tolerances offering has been industrialized to the most exacting specifications demanded by Sandvik Hyperion through its commitment to the production and supply of the high quality tool materials required by the rotary tooling industry.

Example of the new Hyperion diameter tolerance can be shown with a 1/2″ (dia) x 3″ (length) end mill blank: While ISO h5 tolerance range is 0.00043″, the new Hyperion diameter tolerance delivers a total range of 0.00020″.

Sandvik Hyperion
Sandvik Hyperion is a global solution provider of effective applications for hard and super-hard materials, which include cemented carbide, diamond and cubic boron nitride.

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