Rocklin Manufacturing Introduces MobiLase® Laser Cleaner

Rocklin Manufacturing (Sioux City, IA) introduces MobiLase® Laser Cleaner, a portable fiber laser cleaner housed in an all-in-one, 60-lb. rolling suitcase. The powerful 100W fiber laser rapidly removes rust, paint, oil, grease, dirt, and more by cleaning the material or coating while not disrupting the part itself.
Unlike less efficient cleaning alternatives, there is no need for grinding, blasting, solvents, water, or chemicals via the MobiLase® dry laser cleaning process. Simply point the 1.4-lb., handheld applicator at the surface and move the laser where you want a clean surface. The short pulse duration combined with a small output beam diameter delivers precise surface-level cleaning wherever it’s needed. 

There are few settings on the accompanying wireless device, enabling simple programming either wirelessly or offline as desired. The cleaning process is started by double clicking a trigger on the handheld applicator, while laser glasses, gloves, and fume extraction options are available for added safety protection. The fiber laser source is rated for up to 100,000 hours of use with minimal maintenance required, and the MobiLase® Laser Cleaner is fully supported out of Sioux City, IA.

About Rocklin Manufacturing

Since 1934, Rocklin Manufacturing (Sioux City, Iowa, USA) has delivered the highest quality industrial electronic solutions for customers throughout the world.

The company manufacture the Rocklinizer Carbide Application Equipment, which enhances gripping and extends the life of metals, tools and dies. The Model 950 accomplishes this faster and with heavier deposit capabilities than ever before, while the micro provides first-of-its-kind, battery-operated portability. We also manufacture the MoldMender Micro Welder, which repairs plastic injection molds and dies made of steel.

Rocklin distributes products throughout North America, including: Markator dot peen and scribe marking equipment featuring the FlyMarker® battery-operated marking units, and the portable MobiLase and tabletop LaserEvo fiber laser marking units.

All of our products offer unique portability in order to maximize productivity and minimize costs anywhere.

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