As companies around the globe seek to optimize operations through digitization, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products announced that its Aristo® 4004i Pulse, Aristo 5000i and Aristo U5000i advanced welding power sources are sold exclusively as WeldCloud-enabled systems. The Aristo 500ix will continue to be sold as A WeldCloud-optional system. To encourage use, ESAB will offer Aristo purchasers a free three-month trial period, which can be activated at any time.

WeldCloud is a suite of online data management applications that enables users to improve overall operational efficiency by monitoring, capturing, tracking and analyzing data to make intelligent decisions based on accurate information. WeldCloud-enabled machines feature an embedded communication module that digitally connects the machine to WeldCloud via WiFi.

“By using WeldCloud to identify and remove production bottlenecks, users can improve their arc-on time factor by 10 to 50 percent during the first year of implementation,” says Jon Hofmann, Global Product Director – Digital Solutions, ESAB. “WeldCloud can also eliminate thousands of hours of non-value-added time, boost customer responsiveness, reduce operational costs and increase profit margins.”

ESAB offers three WeldCloud solutions to meet the needs of various welding professionals:

  • WeldCloud Productivity is designed for operation and production managers. It tracks information generated by the welding process: arc-on time, number of weld sessions, wire use, deposition rate and many other metrics. Users can also “tag” or link this information to provide full weld traceability, which can include barcode/QR code scanning of variables such as operator badges, wire lot and WPS. With real-time data and exact numbers, users can gain insight into which operations are running efficiently and which ones need improvement.
  • WeldCloud Fleet is a service or maintenance manager’s new digital assistant designed to manage a fleet of welding equipment across one or multiple locations. With event and service logs, as well as real-time alerts, service managers know which machines are performing well and which machines need service or replacement. WeldCloud Fleet also reminds them of maintenance and calibration schedules, and it lets them update software or welding programs remotely instead of manually configuring each machine.
  • WeldCloud Notes is ideal for Quality Control Managers because it improves welding documentation by digitizing and automating manual processes. It reduces administration costs, minimizes the risk of liabilities and ensures compliance and quality assurance in project execution.

    WeldCloud Notes enables four essential tasks:

    • Maintain quality and compliance while managing PQR and WPS documents in one place;
    • Efficiently review all PQR, WPS and WPQ information with a quick and easy search;
    • Generate a PQR or WPQ with all essential variables; and
    • Avoid a missed qualification deadline or waste resources requalifying welders.

WeldCloud uses the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, making it extremely reliable and secure. If the wireless connection is disrupted, WeldCloud continues to save data for up to a week and restore the data once the WiFi connection is re-established. All data is password protected, and users can define different level of access and permissions.
“WeldCloud does not require a sophisticated IT department, and it is extremely scalable,” adds Hoffman. “Any operation facing a skilled welder shortage or is challenged to meet customer demand can benefit from an Aristo connected system.”

A WeldCloud-enabled machine can be activitated at any time through a local ESAB sales representative or by sending an e-mail to All apps can be managed on a personal computer. The intuitive dashboards and analytic functions only take about an hour to learn to use. For managing applications with a mobile device, ESAB has introduced the WeldCloud Connect software tool. It works with any Android smartphone or tablet with OS 6.0 and higher. With WeldCloud Connect, users can configure equipment, add traceability to weld sessions, calculate deposition rate and establish links between WeldCloud Productivity and WeldCloud Notes. ESAB also offers a Zebra handheld touch computer. These are extremely rugged smartphone devices that also feature an integrated barcode scanner, so they are ideal for the shop environment.

About Aristo

The Aristo series is ESAB’s premier advanced synergic multiprocess system for manual and robotic welding. The Aristo 4004i Pulse has a 400A output at 60% duty cycle and is ideal for pulsed MIG welding and advanced MIG process control. The Aristo Mig 5000i and U5000i (for robotic welding) offers a 500A output at 60% duty cycle for wire welding processes and is also capable of TIG with HF or Lift-TIG arc starts and pulsed DC outputs. ESAB designed the Aristo 500ix for heavy-industrial applications requiring extreme durability; it is a true multiprocess system – MIG, pulsed MIG, flux-cored, Stick, TIG with Lift-TIG arc starts and gouging. The Aristo 1000 AC/DC (1000A at 100% duty cycle) for SAW enables users to change from DC to AC on the fly and weld non-stop from root-to-cap, delivering up to 76% higher deposition rates and 47% reduced welding time.
Aristo units work with Robust Feed U6 or U82 wire feeders, which offer advanced process control functions to provide more consistent weld quality, address workforce skill issues, improve productivity and reduce operating costs through more uptime. Robust Feed’s PreciDrive wire drive system is extremely precise and responsive, delivering better arc starts and stops. The award-winning feeder design also provides additional benefits including, best in class enclosure from moisture and dust (IP44) to keep the wire spool safe, an integrated heater and flow meter and well-designed ergonomics.

At ESAB, we exist to shape the future of welding and cutting. We connect fabricators with the widest range of products under our industry-leading brand portfolio with the latest technologies to solve virtually any industry challenge — then we back it up with our knowledge, experience and passion to help them be more productive than ever before.

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