Radian Laser Systems Announces New Industrial Grade, Made in the USA, CO2 Galva Laser Modular Marking System

Great things come in small packages! Radian Laser Systems is proud to announce their new Industrial Grade, Made in the USA, Radian Laser 3D CO2 Galva Laser Modular Marking System. Radian Laser Systems has designed and manufactured the fastest and smallest modular marking system on the market today. This new system revolutionizes industrial automation, as it allows marking technology to be easily integrated into larger production infrastructures without the need for a new large piece of equipment.

“Our customers were telling us that they were looking for something that would give them game-changing performance and the ability to adapt to their specific needs.” Says CED Tom Tamburrini. “Our engineers really hit the mark with this system, as there really is nothing like it from a size, performance and reliability standpoint.”

The heart of Radian’s new Modular System is the Dynamic Focus Module in combination with Radian’s proprietary API driven controller, which allows for 3D marking on curved surfaces without rotation of the work piece. This technology is easier to operate and improves productivity. Combined with Radian’s Advanced Marking Software and the speed of the 3D Galva Laser, the new Modular Marking System is going to take the industry by storm.

The new Modular Marking System is being launched at Fabtech 2019 in Chicago, IL in the Radian Laser Systems booth A636D. Attendees of Fabtech will get to experience the speed of the new system and have a chance to talk directly with the engineers that designed the system.

About Radian Laser Systems

Radian Laser Systems manufactures, sells, and services a complete line of both flatbed and galvanometer CO2 and Fiber cutting, marking, and engraving solutions that meet the demanding needs of their industrial customers. Their 3D systems allow for marking on curved surfaces without rotating the workpiece, as well as performing true 3D relief engraving. Advanced Software allows for unlimited configuration and precise control to meet the most exacting demands. Improve your productivity with a Radian Laser System. Make your mark with Radian Laser Systems!

For more information, visit www.radianlaser.com